MTN / money deducted from my prepaid account without any reason

Last week, probably round the 4th of september, I check my cell balance and it stated 8.51 where I expected it to be over r20. I was disappointed, but carried on with life.

Then wednesday (9th) I check my balance again and it was r6.51 and I know I made no calls and only 1 sms, but that was a bundle and shouldn't be charged. So I called the call centre (173) and a lady told me they are experiencing a problem with the system and that it is being investigated and my money will be returned.

Friday (11th) my balance is down to r2.51. I definitely made no calls or smss. So I call 173 again. This time a guy answered and said he is putting in some or other request, I must call again later.

So this morning (12th) I called again and a lady said their system is not up to date, I must call this afternoon again. Getting very frustrated, I told her that i'm going to report this to icasa and she replied 'you are most welcome to do that, sir' and hung up. I'm not impressed with that, but the truth is, I have no idea where to start, so i'm coming to hellopeter for help.

It must be some subscription, but i've never sms'd any short numbers and the phone can't do wap and all the fancy stuff.


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