MTNcontract upgrade, but nobody responds follow up

I first called MTN direct to upgrade my contract for a particular phone. I was then directed to another department, and then someone was supposed to get back to me, they never did. Then I went to a shop, and they were going to get get the specific phone in and call me. They never did and the special past. I called a call-centre again, and requested that someone makes a plan so I can get the special. I ended speaking to a supervisor, who told me the special was finished. I told them they need to take responsibilty for the bad service, which caused me to miss the special and he quite nicely said he wouldn't, very rude and sarcastic. I called the HO and requested a manager to call me. He did, and advised he will follow-up, he never got back to. (I'm leaving a lot out). Another special came up, and I went to Canal Walk, filled in the forms, and was told, she will call me when the stock arrives, a month had passed and nobody called. I applied on-line to upgrade, it's been approx 2 weeks now, and noboady has come back. WHATS UP with MTN, do they not want my business. I just think they have bad service across the board. I even had problems with MTN banking with a faulty system????


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