[Resolved] Mr. Tire / services: product - two new tires, alignment, damage to my drivers truck door

Rocky Mount (North Carolina), US

Mr. Tire Corporate Office
200 Holleder Pkwy.
Rochester, NY 14615

Have several complaints:
On 11/19/2017 my husband took our truck in to purchase two new tires and to get an alignment. My husband (Dr. Austin) got there at 11:30 a.m. and his appointment was at noon. They did not finish with the truck until 4:00 p.m. The whole time the man was trying to align the truck. He assured my husband that it was aligned. The next few days the tires started to ware funny. My husband did not take it back to 232 Thomas St., Rocky Mount, N 27804 because the man appeared to have been inexperience taking 4hours to do the alignment.
With that being said my husband made an appointment at another Mr. Tire on 11/26/2017 located at 1459 Wesleyan Blvd, Rocky Mount, NC 27804 at 8 a.m. on 11/27/2017.
I, Dr. Austin and my two children went with me to take the truck in to have the alignment check. I was notified at 9:19 a.m. That the alignment was off 30 degrees, so they had to correct the alignment work from the other Mr. Tire (11/19/2017). While I was waiting, I heard the men playing with my husband siren (law enforcement equipment ). Once they completed the alignment, about 10:50 a.m. (they could not give me a copy of the alignment report: printer not working). I took the truck for a test drive. I drove the truck down Wesleyan Blvd and pulled over to check to see if the truck hubcaps were on tight and that was when I notice there was a scratch/ding in my driver's door. I returned immediately to Mr. Tire and reported it to Mr. Alex Burgess, Mgr. I asked could he please check his cameras to see what happen and who damaged my truck and he told me he did not have any cameras in the bay areas. I called my husband and he talked to Mr. Burgess about the damaged door. Mr. Burgess told my husband he needed to calm down very rudely. Mr. Burgess kept saying they did not have any tool/ jacks/lift that could have did the damage.
I took pictures and sent it to my husband and he wanted to talk to Mr. Burgess again. After speaking with my husband this time Mr. Burgess went into the truck bay and returned with a tool that would have made this type of mark in the door. Mr. Burgess allowed me to take two pictures of it. Mr. Burgess said that tool is used to remove the center cap of the wheel he then walked off and left me and my children standing there.
He never returned to speak back with me. So I left and went to another location where I felt safe with my children and had to call and reported this to Customer Service [protected]), and they took my report #225343 and told me that an Insurance adjuster will be notifying me in 24-48 hours.

I am very dissatisfied with the service that I have received in both locations leaving me with two NEW Tires worn from the first Mr. Tire, not aligning the truck correctly, not being replaced by the second Mr. Tire after correcting the 30 degrees off alignment and now having a damaged driver door.

Could someone from your corporate office please contact me immediately. I am very upset after spending over 500.00 at your place of business, I am not satisfied with the services and product (tires) and I have a damaged truck.

Desirable resolution: Replace New Tires, Re-Check Alignment and Driver Door fixed.

Dr. Austin

11/27/2017 Customer service Ref #225343
Customer ID# [protected] 11/19/2017
Customer ID# [protected] 11/27/2017

  • Resolution statement

    Mr. Burgess made sure that they fix all the issues. Mr. Burgess was kind and did everything he could to make it right. Thank you

  • Updated by Dr. Austin, Nov 27, 2017

    Remove complaint.

Nov 27, 2017

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