Mr Tire of Bel Air MDdestroyed

On March 20th I dropped my 2006 Altima (which i just purchased in sept 2009) at Mr. Tire for a simple oil change and myself my daughter and a friend of mine went two doors down to get food while we waited. It didnt take very long for them to call me to tell me it was done. So i drive home everything is great for the next two days until the 23rd I had thought i seen a leak on the street where i park but couldnt tell. I am a 22yr old female and I do not know very much about cars at all so i did not think much of the little spot i had seen. The next morning on the 24th i drove only about a mile down the road to hear horrible noises coming from my engine like a gurgling rattling sound.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Bel Air, MD I wasnt sure what to do so i was going to just drive straight to my dealership and have them look at it, since i figured Mr Tire didnt do something right. As i was about to be on my way there my engine just completely cut off and all the lights came on and my car just started rolling backwards and would not cut on at all. Once i had my car towed to my dealership the looked at it and said there was no drain plug for the oil they must not have screwed it on all the way and it must have fallen off today. They also said my engine had locked up and now i need a entire new engine!!! All i wanted was an oil change and now i need an ENGINE!!! I am working through a lawyer now and i believe all Mr Tire service centers need to be shut down! DO NOT GO THERE EVER!!! This is a nightmare for me i never would dream of something like this happening jus from a oil change!

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