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Mr Rooter / Faulty work/cost/unreliable

1 San Antonio, TX, United States

04/13/10 called and had them come out and repair a water leak at the meter main line paid $354.56 Invoice # 160709 Technician # 348 no name.
07/14/10 7:33 pm discovered a water leak at the water meter the same place that was repaired on 04/13/10 and called them to come out to fix it. I reached the call center and spoke with John and said that Richard Norwood was on call and he would be calling me. 7:42 pm Richard called me and said he is on the way. 8:54 He arrived to assess the situation and came up with the leak was at the same joint previously repaired. He called his supervisor and got authorization to do the repair as a curtsy with no charge. He was unable to fix the problem due to not having the right materials on his truck. He said he would have to come back in the morning first thing. He left at approximately 9:40 pm.
07/15/10 8:50 am Richard Norwood 336-9752 called me and said he would be coming back out to complete the repair. He recommended putting a pressure regulator valve on and I agreed. . I got home at 12:05 and he pulled in behind me. I was billed again on invoice # 161073 07/14/10 for $412.85 billed to my M/C.
07/19/10 approximately 10:30 Richard came out to check the pressure at the hose bib and found it to be at a maximum of 60 pounds and that was the best he could do. 3:10 Keith from Mr Rooter called me to follow up on the service I received from Richard Norwood and I gave him a low down on what happened. He is supposed to call me back after researching it with Richard. I told Keith that to put a shout off valve in-front of the sprinkler system for a fee of $204.00 is quite expensive when the valve I could have purchased at Home Depot for $1.50 and he had to cut the line at the sprinkler system to do the repair anyway. 3:30 Kieth Cortes 336-8274 called me back and said that Richard gave me member pricing on the work he did and they did the water leak repair as a courtesy. He said if I did not like the pressure I have he would have Richard come back out and do a replacement of the valve at no charge.
08/24/10 9:45 am called Keith got voice mail (vm) left message on answering machine (lma). 10:45 he caled me back and set apt for Richard Norwood to come out on 08/26/10 between 9 - 10 am.
05/16/11 12:04 pm went to check the mail and discouvered a water leak at the meater. Immediately checked it and the meter was running. I turned the water off on the city side because I was unable to turn it off with the cut off valve Mr Rooter installed on their last repair. It appears that the leak is where Mr Rooter performed the last repair at the meter on my side between the cut off valve and pressure regulator. This repair is less than a year ago and proves incopentance of Mr Rooter licensenced plumber.
05/18/11 2:32 pm called Mr Bitner to follow up to see if he got my email. got his vm lma.
05/20/11 10:19 called to speak with Mr Bitner to see if he got my email and he was not in and I spoke with Ben. I asked him to call Mr Bitner on his cell phone and have him call me and he said he would.
05/23/11 9:43 am called to speak with Mr Bitner and he was not in and I spoke with Ben. He said Mr Bitner would be in the office in about an hour and he would give my information to Mr Bitner when he comes in. Ben has pulled up my email and will provide it to Mr Bintner.

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