Mr. Rooter / Overpricing

Dayton, United States

Less than a month ago, I called Mr. Rooter to install a kitchen faucet. I paid $417 which I thought was high but I've never had any work like this done before, and I had no idea what the going rate was until EVERYONE I know told me I got ripped off. Today, I noticed a strong mildew smell coming from under the sink and noticed it was leaking. I called Mr. Rooter, told them I paid $417 (I also joined their "Advantage Program" so the grand total was $532) and told them about the leak. They said they can send a plumber out for free, but I would have to pay for any work they would have to do. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I COULD OF SWORN he told me there was a warranty involved but apparently there is not.

Apr 10, 2014

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