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Tygervalley Bellville, ZA
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My zip broke off my handbag. I had this handbag only 3 weeks! I took it first to a place that fix zips and the owner said it's not possible to fix it as he needs to replace the whole zip and suggested I take it back to the store where I bought it.
Upon my arrival at MRP I first checked if there was still stock of this handbag and took it with me to the counter. There I showed the problem to the cashier & and asked if we can swop it around. He called Uren de Vries - who I assumed was the manager.
I had the worse experience with him. He didn't look at me, greeted me and was demanding a slip. I knew its protocol, but I was in the vicinity and wasn't waling around with the slip as it just broke!
He could see it was a MRP product as it was the TRAIL brand and exactly the same that was still in stock. It was almost still brand new. He said that he doesn't know how hard I've handled it and implied that I could've broke it on purpose... I've freaked out because was it now my fault that I broke my own handbag?! I took out all my stuff out of my handbag and handed the old one back to him. It's in any case useless, as I can't use the bag with a broken zip!
He could've handled the situation a much better! By implying its my fault the handbag is broken he made me felt like a criminal! It could've been dealt so much better with a straight swop and making a note on the broken handbag of a broken zip so that HQ can monitor why products are returned...

  • Mr Price Group / MRP Customer Care's Response, Mar 22, 2017

    Good day

    Trust you are well.

    We apologize for the inconvenience incurred. Please email your complaint to [protected] or contact us on [protected] an agent will be able to assist you.

    Kind Regards

Mar 22, 2017

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