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Randburg, South Africa
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I ordered online and choose to collect from the Northgate store. I received notification that the parcel was shipped on 28 April. By 6 May I was bored with waiting and went to Northgate to investigate. The teller and manager could not have been less interested, both said they were unable to assist and refused to look in the collections cupboard. The cupboard is directly behind them! They could not have cared less. Why do they not contact the call centre on the client’s behalf? Clearly assisting the public is not part of their job. I then spent 15 minutes on my cell phone to the call centre and was told my parcel was shipped and they knew nothing else. By now I had lost all patience and requested a refund. Half an hour later the call centre phoned back and said my parcel was at the Northgate store and had been for ages and why did I not ask them to check the cupboard? I then had a complete ‘meltdown’ and said please just refund me. Since then the parcel has been marked as collected - by whom?? I can only imagine Casper the ghost collected it? Skip ahead another week and I have sent dozens of emails requesting my refund be processed and have not received a single reply. This was an online sale...surely my credit card can be refunded online?? I refuse to go back to Northgate. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

May 12, 2017

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