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South Africa

As a long standing client of Mr price (which by the way is the ONLY store account I chose to have- I closed all my other store accounts).
I have always managed my a/c really well, when I made payment I made payment over and above my minimum payment due.

Last year some time I skipped a payment, I then got a call from Mr Price saying that I need not fret, as because of the fact that I always pay
more than what the minimum is (a good payer), those extra amounts will tie me over, one month later I got a call to say I now need
to pay R3600. Needless to say I was now in a panic. I then paid R1800 and made a payment arrangement of what i was then able to pay
for the outstanding balance (amount payable)

From that time I would monthly make a concerted effort to either call in to the MrP call centre (collections) to make arrangements OR I would send
an email (OR BOTH) in order to make payment arrangements.

I was NOT at any stage told that there is a minimum payment due in order for my account NOT to be handed OVER.

Then in January i got a call from ACS saying that my account has been handed over to them for collection on behalf of MrP.
Subsequently my ITC is reflecting a handed over status (Default) and ACS my account is reflecting as 6 months in arrears, as
If I have made no effort to pay, OR did not pay my account as well.

Now on top of everything else I am now being charged monthly fees from ACS, for doing nothing? calling me on behalf of MRP to make arrangements, WHICH I have been doing myself in any case!!! thinking I am doing the right thing!!! s

I feel this is really unfair, as from the date I was notified of the arrears amount I have been sticking to the arrangement made either telephonically or
Via email between MrP and myself.
What was the use of making payment arrangements with my creditor( MrP) if my account was going to be handed over in any case and affect my ITC score negatively as well.

This actually just leaves me with a really bad impression of the company itself.

Really disappointed to say the least.

I am not disputing the amount owed to MrP and will be making the necessary payments to settle the a/c and then close it, HOWEVER
I would like for the default status to be removed from my ITC, the payment arrangement that was made between myself and mr Price to remain going forward and the fees billed to my account by ACS to be reversed, because I honestly do not understand why I should be paying an external company for making payments arrangements on my behalf with my creditor as I was doing this myself religiously in any case! - I don't even then understand why you have an internal collection department if the account is handed over even though there is a payment arrangement in place and the customer stuck to the arrangement and did not default on the arrangement either!

REALLY REALLY upset about this whole experience!

Apr 16, 2018

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