Mr Price / 3 applications, 3 different branches still no feedback

United States

I was approached about 2 weeks ago by a store assistant in Mr.Price Vangate Mall to open an Mr.Price account. I was reluctant to open the account as I didn’t have an urgent need for the account, however the store assistant then convince me to open the account. A week later I still didn’t receive any feedback and processed to the N1 city branch and requested feedback 2 my horror the store manager informed me that nothing reflects on their system which indicates that my application was never faxed to be processed. He then requested me to complete a second application and reassured me that my application will take priority and feedback will be received shortly. Another week has passed and guess what still NO feedback, I then approached the Canal Walk branch and yet again I was informed that my application was yet again NOT faxed to be processed. I then tried calling Mr.Price Head OfficeCall centre on 031 number and my call couldnt evens connect. I am totally disgusted with the service as I manage a call centre and this is NO way you treat a potential customer.

  • Mr Price Group / MRP Customer Care's Response, May 17, 2018

    Good day

    We would like to apologize for the service you received. Please assist with emailing your complaint and your details to [protected] and we will assist you further.

    Kind Regards
    Mr. Price


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