Mr. Lube / refusing to fix what they screw up

Oakville, ON, Canada
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Took my 2007 Honda Accord into the Mr. Lube at Speers Rd. and Dorval Dr. in Oakville, Ontario today for an oil change and to have my winter tires put on. Oil change went fine, but when the guy was finished changing the tires on the passenger side he let my car drop roughly (with me in it), then continued onto the other side. When I drove away, my car was reading as though no oil change had been done, and my car was wobbling horribly and pulling badly to the right. I brought it back immediately. They reset the oil reading, (hopefully they actually did the change) but said there was nothing they could do about my car wobbling and pulling (which only started after the change, my car was fine before), so I should drive it across town to another Mr Lube location.
With my car pulling and shaking, I drove to the location they suggested at 234 Hays blvd, where I waited for 5 minutes for anyone to even acknowledge I was there. Eventually some clearly stoned guy named Jazz emerges from the back and gives me a blank stare (no hello, how may I help you, nothing) and I explain the issue. He takes my key, then goes outside for a smoke. Half an hour later, he comes back to me and says that they refuse to look at my car, because it had already been looked at by a different location (THAT SENT ME TO THEM) and that was that.

Dec 14, 2017

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