Mr. Lube / bad customer service and lies

Kitchener, ON, Canada

When in to Mr. Lube in Kitchener, Ontario on Saturday, September 16, 2017 for an oil change. On Highland Rd. They didn't top up my fluids at all. My windshield washer fluid was not topped up. I was out of the bay and looked underneath my hood the washer fluid wasn't touched then I spoke to Justin supervisor there any flat out denied it. He said we filled it up and that was it and then he swore at me. I had a little bit of an argument with him saying you didn't fill up my windshield washer fluid. Then I told him to get me the number of the manager of the store. He went to the room pretending like you looking for the manager's card and then said to me I don't have one. The after the argument I left the area didn't leave the parking lot open my hood and took a picture of the windshield washer Reservoir. So I went to PartSource got a couple jugs of windshield washer fluid and filled it up two jugs of windshield washer fluid to fill it up when the people at mr lube said they filled my washer fluid. The problem is you don't see what's going on underneath the hood so how do I know what they're doing and what they're not doing how do I know I'm getting the oil I choose versus the cheaper brand. Problem is you can't get out of your car and watch them do the job you have to trust them. And I don't trust them they lied to me about filling up my windshield washer fluid. Before I left the parking lot I took a picture of my windshield washer fluid and then when I went to PartSource I took a picture of it again when I filled it up all within 10 minutes 15 minutes of me leaving mr. Lube pictures attached very upset about this and that Justin guy should be fired for swearing at me and not doing his job and giving me the proper information to file my complaint like he said who cares about corporate office when I told him I'm taking it to corporate office. Now I'm on social media shaming mr. Lube and I'll keep shaming them until you guys do something about it. I'm not like one of your other customers who just take it and take upgrades from you guys and take bad service from you guys I'm not that type customer. I'll speak my opinion and voice my opinion until something happens. If that's me taking it to social media on Twitter I will keep doing it until you guys apologize and something happens. I've already started on social media I'll keep doing it. Thank you
Claus Derisma
33 Forest Glen Court Kitchener
N2N 1E1

Mr. Lube
Mr. Lube
Mr. Lube
Mr. Lube

Sep 16, 2017

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