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We have been happy alltel customers for just over two years now, so when our 2 yr. contract expired and we were able to purchase new phones, my husband and I switched from our LG phones to a more expensive brand, Motorola. My husband bought a VE20, and has been pissed off ever since. About 1 month after we bought the phones he found out that the headphone sign was on his front screen, hence, no ringtone, song or vibration was able to come over the phone. He does not have a headset, so we called the customer service already programmed in the phone to get help, or ask what to do. The customer service told us to bring the phone to the local alltel center and they would be able to help. My husband had to go to work and the only way i could get ahold of him was to leave him a message in his voicemail and then he would have to check through-out the night for messages. When he got home in the morning, we went to the local alltel office, like customer service said, waited in line for 1/2 an hour, finally got to talk to rep, she tells us that she can't help us, this is something that needs to be taken care of at customer service call center. we called right from the alltel office and customer service now said they would send a new phone to our home address in 2-3 days. We just take the battery from the old phone and replaced in new phone. because we exchanged thru the mail, no pictures, videos, or the address book was able to be transferred. (Alltel told us we could go to Wal-mart and transfer the pictures to a CD if we really needed them.)
So we started over again. Great, for about 2 1/2 months, then the same thing happened. The phone said the headphones were plugged in. Again, no ringtones, songs or vibrations. We took the phone to Alltel again, the rep did a "hard re-set" and assured us all our info would still be inthe phone. WRONG! Again, we lost all the info in the phone, but at least the phone would ring again. (OOPPS, the rep said. Sorry.) 2 weeks go by, again, the day before yesterday, the headset is showing up again on the phone. We called customer service at the corporate office again, talked to Melissa in Little Rock, AR. and she tells us that this is a problem that they know about and she is documenting all our problems, and to take the phone to the alltel local office and switch it for a comparable phone.
This morning we go to alltel to pick up the new phone, and the rep at the local office says that is not possible, we have to do an exchange at least 3 times thru the mail, to get another phone, but the third phone would not be a "reconditioned" phone, we could have a brand new one (same brand, same phone) off the shelf. What the heck is going to be the difference?
So we are waiting for the second phone now, with not alot of confidance in Motorola or alltel at this point. Maybe someone should teach both the reps and customer service to say and do the same things, instead of blaming each other.
Word to the wise: Stick with the less expensive LG brand, we NEVER has a lick of trouble with them at all!


  • K
      Jun 19, 2009

    I agree the MotoRazr VE20 is garbage. Worst phone I have ever purchased! I won't go into detail here, because I am just agreeing not writing a novel. *Two thumbs down* >: (

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  • T
      Jul 17, 2009

    I am on my 3rd ve20, once because of dropped calls, & the other 2 was the vibrate stopped working, I will wait a week to see what happens, & try to get a different type of phone, otherwise it really is a easy to use phone.P.S. if anyone knows how to reset vibrate, your smarter than a bunch of Alltel people.thanks

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