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Motorola L6i / faulty l6i handset!

1 India Review updated:

I bought a handset Motorola L6i from an authorized dealer of yours AirCom, Kamla Nagar on 28th Jan 2007 Bill No 14491. The day I bought it since then onwards I have been facing problems with it, It does not receives any signals at all usually when I am at home, I am neither able to receive the calls nor I am able to call anybody. It is having an Airtel connection([protected]) there is no problem with that Cellular Service provider as we already have tested the same SIM card in other Cell phone (Nokia) and it works fine.

When we took this matter to the Dealer he referred us to the Service Center and they said that some problem is going on with the particular Cellular Service provider please keep it with you and see if it starts working fine within the next week. We did the same but of no use, we took it again at your Service Center North, Delhi, Model Town, UCOM Technologies pvt. Ltd., Shop No. 9, 1st Floor Kirpal Bhavan, Near Raghuna Restaurant, G-8, Model Town 3rd, New Delhi-110009, Delhi, they said that the problem will be solved once the software of that particular handset is changed Job No [protected] dated 9th Mar 2007. They changed the software but still of no use. I am still facing the same problem unable to make calls and receive them while I am home.

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  • Ri
      22nd of Mar, 2007
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    I purchased a Motorola L6i from THE MOBILE STORE, Kolkata and within 3rd it it started giving problems and was becoming dead sporadically. I deposited the same with REDINGTON INDIA PVT LTD, Deshapriya park and insisted them to replace the set but they were inconvincible and were in no mood to replace the phone, infact they came up with some weird remarks like the replacement cannot be done if it has crossed 30 mins of talktime. So, currently I am at their mercy and I hope I have to carry on with a repaired set. I have also registered complaints on MOTOROLA site but with no response.

    I will suggest you all to not to go for MOTOROLA products due to their lackadestile and indifferent attitude towards the customers.

  • Ka
      24th of Oct, 2007
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    I'm having a Motorola is a beautiful phone but the phone memory piss me off. So I was thinking why not u guys create a usb portal memory card reader for phones which has a standard memory. If at all the usb portal memory card reader is created it will be cool.

  • Ch
      13th of Nov, 2007
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    Please please never buy Motorola hand sets I purchased Motorola communicator and it has problem and it does not have any service.

  • Ja
      5th of Mar, 2008
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    I bought a motorolla l6i phone from authorised phone dealers after aduration i discovered that after a while ait made some kind of sound. It dint light to be able to see the problem. From that day it has been making such kind of suond which has made me to get stressed. Please help me out.

  • Am
      26th of May, 2009
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    Not Repairing the handset Properly

    I bought a Motorola handset L9 on 02nd, July 2008 against Retail Invoice No. AW-3048 from Anmol Watches, Chandigarh. Its EMI number is 356900011405223.

    18 days back i.e. on 09th of May, its starts giving problem like auto operate. I was not able either to make any call or receive. Without pressing any key software was auto operating.

    I went to the Motorola Repair Centre at Chandigarh (Reddington Services, Sec-20D, Chandigarh).They took my handset against work order no. 1425 dated 09/05/2009 and said that handset will go to the company for repair and that they will inform me about the status within 15-20 days.

    After 15 days when they didn't call me, i called them up to inquire about the status of the handset. They people said that ask after 2 days. I called them after 2 days than they said that ask after 2 days more. Then I called the Motorola Customer Support directly to Mr. Sabharwal then he told me that he will tell me the status within 48 hours but till date I haven’t received any call from him. Then after 2 days I called again Customer Support Mr. Sudesh, he told me that within a week you will receive your handset. Side by side I also made calls to Reddington service, Chandigarh for the status of the handset but they people always taking me in loop and didn’t give any positive response. Then I lodge a complaint against Reddington to Motorola Customer Support for their bad service and misbehaving with customer but you people also don’t take any action against them. Then I received a call from Reddington, Chandigarh on 25/05/2009 that my handset got repaired now I can collect. I visited their place and collected my handset. At that time handset was working properly for 10-15 min. Then I came back to my home. When I started to make a call to my friend then it starts giving same problem as earlier (Auto Operate).

    I complained this issue to Motorola customer care to Mr. Shashank and requested for replacement and he told me that he is requesting the concerned department for my handset replacement.

    Kindly replace my handset as its not possible for me to wait for more 20-25 days to get it repaired. As I am in marketing field so I can’t work without mobile. This is my request to kindly replace my handset as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will drag your authorized service center in Chandigarh to Consumer for harassment given to me. I wasted my lot of money on phone calls and petrol to visit their office many times. It was such a big harassment I have ever faced. Your service is very poor as compared to Nokia. Nokia is the BEST!!!

    Amit Kapila
    Mb. 09779707555
    Email Id:

  • Pa
      13th of Jan, 2010
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    I was user of motorola L6i but it was damaged due to fall in watertank and i have check with ASC but they said it would be change whole system so that system was kept into my almara.
    Plz suggest me how could we repair it again...

  • Am
      25th of Mar, 2010
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    It is a very slow phone.Stay away

  • Am
      25th of Mar, 2010
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    yes it is

  • Es
      23rd of Jul, 2010
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    I had purchased my Blackberry Gemini 8520 from a mobile store in Chennai and only after purchase I knew it was a officially unlocked device and not a usual Airtel Blackberry, I was upset at first as I have nearly 3 years of experience with Blackberry service at Airtel and its just awesome they do it so professionally. I used a Rs.999 (approx. USD $20) worth cover for the phone from case mate, after a month and few days the display brightness diminished to very low level and I had taken it to the Redington India Ltd. service center in T.Nagar and they told me about the Rs.730 charge if there is water lodged in the device and I was 100% sure that there isn't any possibility for the same, so I gave my device for service and was waiting for about 2 weeks and I received a call from them saying there was water lodge in my device and they want me to pay Rs.730 to get the device back and the most important thing is that the device isn't serviced. I was like what the hell? Why would I pay these cheats the money just to open and take look at it and return? These people don't have the basic common sense that if I had known there is water why would I give it for service to pay Rs.730 unnecessarily? I would rather go to private service center and get it done for same price or something additional, finally they sent me some fake snap shots of water damage and stuff. I doubt if they had done it on their own to rip off the money. Today I got the device back and the display totally doesn't work. They spoiled it even more. Blackberry has to stop sending officially unlocked devices let the people get good service from Airtel, Reliance and other service providers. Never from these local Redington guys, I wonder if they have ever seen a Blackberry phone, these guys would only have experience in spoiling local basic phones like Nokia, Motorola etc. Now giving the service order to these guys Blackberry is spoiling its reputation in India. I need a brand new device and also my Rs.730 to be returned and I am not going to live them till then.

    People beware of these guys. Redington India Ltd is totally a fraud company. Redington India Ltd rips off the money and spoils your device. Redington Group has to replace my device and pay me my Rs.730 back. Redington Group has to stop the scam in the name of service Blackberry devices. Redington India Ltd should no longed be an authorized company to service Blackberry devices. Blackberry has to stop the contract right away.

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