Motel 6pet friendly.?? yes for some people.. motel 6 phoenix az indian school road and I 17

Indian school Road and I 17
Two pets to a room that's the rule that's what I was told the front desk when I was turned down because I had a third small dog .
Then why do I see a lady in a room with six cats and a huge dog is been living there for weeks on end no problem their right.!!!
room 448
She seems to be living there permanently and has for quite some time it looks like the room stinks of feces from the cats litter box in the big dog can hardly walk he's been laid it in the room so long I don't know what you think because Motel 6 was my motel but this is really disgruntled me .
How does one get away with this has to be the manager fault I think someone should be accounted for the actions of this just alone traveler who used to love Motel 6

May 07, 2017

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