Motel 6 / overall service

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-We had a reservation (made 3 weeks beforehand) for a Queen sized bed with fridge and free coffee, and were given 2 single beds, no fridge and no coffee, with no room change possibility (we asked the clerk).

-We had a reservation for 2 nights, and the second one, our keys (both of them) were disabled. We had to ask the clerk to reactivate them, which was a GREAT pleasure for her (insert sarcasm here).

-There was a group of people (which had rooms in the motel), for 2 days straight, constantly drinking at the entrance and the lobby. The same people made inappropriate remarks to my wife.

-The clean-up in our room was obviously botched (bed covers badly placed, towels not switched).

-2 of the 3 clerks in the lobby we saw obviously did not like their job there since they never smiled, barely speaked to us. They had a bad attitude overall.

-Windows were not cleaned, we saw kid handprints everywhere on them.

Jun 23, 2017

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