Motel 6 / manager unprofessional and rude behavior

Pomona, CA, United States

Let me start off by saying that I really like Motel 6 very comfortable and clean. Recently me n my 3 & 4 year old kids became homeless due to their dad passing away. So we stayed at a few motels and they were nasty we went to the Pomona California Motel 6 the first few days were great until one day I didn't have the money well the mgr gave me til 4 to pay which I did n the next day a church group came n paid for me at 11:30 am after those 2 days passed I couldn't get the money on time well I went to talk to her again n let her know what was going in she gave me til 2 at exactly 2 a friend of mine said she would pay she called the motel and told the mgr she was gonna pay online for me. the manager told her all my business and exaggerated it at that. Telling her I never pay on time etc. My friend at 3 I texted my friend to see if she paid n she said yes so I went to the office with my ID n that's when she told me my friend didn't pay. But at that moment my best friend called me to see if we got the room n I told her what was going on n she said let me talk to her n the mgr raised her voice for all to hear what was going on. This is a bad situation me n my babies are in and to get treated like this in unnecessary and wrong. She gave me attitude and dirty looks and told me that was the last time we stay there. I told her to stop acting like this and that I was truly sorry and appreciated her help she shook her head and walked off. I know that that was just one motel 6 but after that humiliating show I will never go back to motel 6 again. She needs to go to a customer service seminar to learn how to act. I enjoyed the stay until then sorry n thank you... Kimberly Dickinson [protected]

Apr 07, 2018

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