Motel 6 / customer service

Streetsboro, OH, United States

I was informed the elevator was not working. I've been staying their hroug rough times, with remodeling. But then the elevator stopped working, which aggravated mean because my son is a hassle to walk up 3 flights of stairs. So this new guy who happens to be African-American who also hates white people which I am not the first to assume. He claimed I threw my room key at him... which was clearly laying on the table. As I showed to Mit another worker, who also had to escort me up to my room. Because the first time he couldn't get my key(not mit) to work. So I came back down to get my card to work, with my family waiting on the 3rd floor in their swimming stuff. The same African American guy completely ignored me. To where I had to get another worker (Mit) ... Then the African American guy asked me "what I did for a living".out of frustration .. no company or anyone should ask what I do for living. Just because he was aggravated he couldn't do his job right. I also want to add this is not the first time we had encountered trouble with this same guy.

Jun 15, 2017

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