[Resolved] Morgan Propertiesharassment by manager matt at oxford manor apt

Good day to you. I am writing to dispute a charge made on my account for pet fee of $250 plus $25 this month. My boyfriend recently brought his dog to my unit because of a work related injury I had that he had to take me to Holy Spirit Hospital (I can show documents & my employer Lifecare Hospital can prove it) early in the morning & we didnt know how long it will take so he brought his dog as well as the kennel. But since he was in a rush to go home he left the kennel at my apt. Then when inspection came the kennel was there but the dog was obviously not there since he only brought it that time. The propertty manager Matt insisted that I will be fined since I have a dog. I told him I do not have a dog, my bf owns the dog & has the dog in his apt not mine. He repeatedly told me & even yelled at me, not wanting to hear my explanation, that I have a dog even though he could not see a dog at all. So I was pissed thinking that since he is going to charge me anyway I told my bf to bring tthe dog for a day & the dog stayed at my apt but I received a letter on my mailbox (which I kept a copy & took a picture of) saying that as long as I remove the dog and I have until April 27 to do so, then I wont be charged w/ the pet fee. So my bf took the dog back to his apt in the morning of 27 around 8:30am & I went to sleep after because I just came home from work (I worked from 7pm to 7:45am). However at approx. 9am-10am (I couldn't really tell the exact time since I was so tired & sleeping), somebody kept ringing the doorbell & knocking pounding the door repeatedly. I had a very tiresome graveyard shift that I couldn't find energy to entertain anybody so I just ignored the loud knocking hoping that whoever is knocking will understand that I don't want to be disturbed since I do know my right not to be disturbed & there was no prior notice for Matt or anybody else for that matter to come. I then got a voicemail from Oxford Manor Mngt. So I called back, Matt the manager answered, he was very unprofessional yelling at me repeatedly calling me a liar.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Mechanicsburg, PAHe told me it was him who was knocking on the door repeatedly & so I told him that is harrassment & that I would have called the police but I was just so exhausted to wake up. To calm him down & for him to stop judging me & calling me a liar, i asked him since I already was approved to move to a 3 bedroom apt on July 10, am I going to be charged again for the $250 pet fee. He said no but i will be charged $25/mo. So I spoke w/ my bf after I spoke with him then my bf said he will no longer be bringing the dog even if I want him to & that I shouldnt be charged w/ any fines because the letter clearly stated I have until April 27 to remove the dog from the property. So I called Matt rightaway & asked him to come check my apt or send somebody over since April 27 is the last day for me to get a chance to remove anything that suggests that there is a dog in the apt. But he didnt come nor did he send anybody to check. I have been harassed & I do not feel safe anymore to be here in Oxford Manor so I would like to get a refund of my reservation fee for Apt. 80 which I have been approved (3 bedroom apt). Also, I will no longer be renewing my lease which ends on June 29, 2017. I am also requesting not to be charged with the $250 because the dog doesnt live here and has never step on the property since my boyfriend took the dog back on April 27 @ 9am and has not cause any damages to the property. I have been paying my rent through autopay on time and so I do not think I deserve the very disrespectful treatment & for mngt to demand to come in anytime they want w/o prior notice. My sister, who was the one who referred me here is also very disappointed and will not be renewing her lease as well. I am hoping you will resolve this issue otherwise, I will be seeking legal advise for this matter. Also, I do not ever want Matt to talk to me, regarding any matter because I do not want to be harrassed again. Kindly let someone speak to me regarding this issue. Thank you & hoping for a positive response.
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May 01, 2017

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