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12:07 pm EST

American Property Management The current property manager kay copeland del mar terrace s 745 st petersburg fl

All of the casa residents at del mar terrace were served with a non renewal of our lease which is not due for renewal un till march of next year. The reason for this current rampage, is one of the women from casa, was told that she could not leave the room, when speaking with kay copeland, and when she tried to leave she was physically restrained by kay copeland, the police were called and she pressed charges against her, the permanent injunction for protection, was served to her on tuesday, she gave everyone from casa currently living in del mar a notice, not only of nonrenewal but a move out date of february 28-2023 directly after she was served with these papers by the sheriff.

In addition, to the already, threats and intimidations, but the need for power and control, in an extremely unprofessional manner, rude, loud, obnoxiously arrogant, we understand, cultural differences, however this is far beyond, this.

It is rude and insulting and lacks common curtesy and respect, to us all.

Our request is simple, please pull these memos, and unless we do actually need to speak with her, to refrain from bullying us. We are survivors of domestic abuse, we are trying to get away from this type of behavior,

Not, have it come at us when we are in our homes, minding our own business, to have memo after memo on our doors, If we need her we will come to her. If we cannot resolve this current issue, with you, about kay copeland, we are prepared to go into a court of law and have the judge rule on this matter. We are also asking for a replacement of kay copeland, and to have her replaced, with a quiet, professional person, with the credentials to do this position correctly. She needs to understand that she is in charge of the building not the residents. We are so incredibly tired of her on going harassment, and just plain insulting among the before mentioned, other extremely negative characteristics of this woman, who dares to call herself a manager, appalling, there must be other complaints of this nature about her on going rule of terror, at the del mar terrace.

Desired outcome: We would like to have to option to renew our leases with a different manager. Replace the current property manager, I believe that you will find that they will take care of problems.

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10:34 pm EDT
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American Property Management tierra point apartments management

I have been living in Tierra Point apartments since 2013. This apartment complex is owned by American Property Management In. Since I move in 2013 a lot of things have change. Employees and a new manager. The new manager "Virginia" has made poor decisions on how to handle business with the tenants. She has accused me and my son of us throwing trash above the fence behind one of the dumpsters in the apartment complex. I have been living here since 2013 they have never had any issues with me or my son regarding proper disposal of our waste products, Why will I start to throw trash over the fence after 4 years of living in this complex? They are constantly threading the tenants with evictions letters if the rules are not fallow. They don't take the time to ask, investigate before they start to point fingers and placing blamed. Those is possible that someone jump into the dumpster to dig through the garbage and throw trash over the fence as a prank? Virginia and her team does not have the common sense to proper investigate before accusing loyal tenants of doing things that has never happen before. She send me an eviction notice as a threat. Telling me I have to stop throwing trash over the fence or she will evict me and my son from the complex. I guess this is the type of services we get after we have been living here for over 4 years. What if I let the Casa Grandee community knows that the pull has closed several time because they have people defecating in the water? What if I let the Casa Grande community knows that they are allowing people move in and more than 4 adults living in a 1 to 2 bedroom apartments. I think that they state and the business bureau should investigate the type of services and how this management team treats the tenants and this community.

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Update by Alempeterson77
Jul 13, 2017 10:46 pm EDT

The link for the apartment web page is this

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2:27 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

American Property Management BLACK MOLD AND HOMELESS PEOPLE

APARTMENTS HAVE BEEN FULL OF BLACK MOLD FOR YEARS. Obviously they are not concerned. They also allow homeless people to sleep in the stairwells which I find ridiculous because we actually pay rent. They are a lawsuit waiting to happen. Don't get in bed with these slum lords. A company that could care less about your health and well being doesn't deserve your money. Idiots.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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