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Montrose Toyota - Akron, Ohio / they treated me like a non-person!

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We initially went with a sale on e-bay for a Prius 2001 with high mileage for a good price at Montrose Toyota in Akron, OH.

We should have gone with our regular dealer Motorcars Toyota on the Heights because they are ethical whereas Montrose is not ethical and treats women like dirt!

They sold my husband and I a vehicle that was not road worthy, had over $2,000 of damage to the fuel/hybrid system. I was stuck in the car coming from work and eventually they had to tow the vehicle back to Akron since we live in Cleveland, OH.

This was compounded by the fact that the car was never detailed, was just sprayed, and we did not view this as we picked it up at night in the dark. (We previously inspected it during the daylight on a Saturday and test drove it. The only item we could see was that it needed detailed which they promised.) I had three asthma attacks while driving in the car over 48 hours. We contacted the dealer within the first 24 hours and only got the run around at first.

Upon returning to the dealership within five days of signing on the used vehicle in order to decide upon a new vehicle to settle the deal, they treated me like a non-person. The owner neither acknowledged my presence or apologized for anything that happened, and he basically treated me as a woman would be treated over in a foreign country, a non-entity.

If I lived in Akron, I would drive 100 miles out of my way so as not to go to this dealership! Women are living in a century where women are to be treated as equals not as dirt!

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  • Li
      21st of Jul, 2008
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    This dealership were crooks right from the start. I went there and saw a car. I drove it and I loved it. When I decided to buy it there was lots of haggling and we could not come to an agreement. I wasted a check because they wanted to make sure I was serious about dealing. Come on I am already at your lot! The owner was also there at this time. The car salesman couldn't even tell me the interest rate, but he knew that it was included in the monthy payment he was presenting me! They tried to sell me a 2005 Buick Rondevous for less than 14, 000.00 and give me a payment for 339.00 per month with a 75 month term!!! It also had 50K miles on it! I also know the owner's son and that made NO difference! I didn't have any negative equity! I have previously bought 3 cars from Montrose. The first was a 1998 Chevy Blazer with a 5 year lease, boy was that a mistake. The second time was 2 2004 Monte Carlos that I leased. Thought all was good until I am about to turn in the second one and on the contract they didn't charge me for extra miles and made me believe that I was getting extra miles at the time of purchase so now I have 17, 000 miles to burn in a month because I didn't use all that I paid for anyways. But the way the contract reads Montrose screwd me! They should have charged me for 12K per year and charged me for the other 3K per year. Now I have nothing to look forward to but the last payment!

    So far I had good luck with Vandevere in West Market St. Only one complaint was when I asked my salesman to check something for me, he did not call me back. I had to find out on my own. No haggling, in and out and the salesman was very nice, and no pressure!

  • To
      1st of Aug, 2008
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    Toyota is fine brand, but Montrose is just another car dealer. We discovered a chipped windshield on the trip home after closing the deal. We called them with an hour after leaving the lot to let them know. Since we live over 2 hours away, they told us to have it fixed close to where we live, and to send them bill. After sending them the bill, they reimbursed us for less than half of what it cost us. They also failed to send us the Certified Warranty info for over two months after we asked for it. Overall, they're just another dealer that's nothing more than mediocre.

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