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Monro Muffler / Bad customer service

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I talked with the manager on 7/9/09 at store 857 and told him that my ABS and break light went on & wanted him to look at the car. I told Anthony Bellman that it was imperative that the car be in good working order by the time I drove back from Upper Arlington, ohio to Maryland on 7/12/2009. I got a call from the shop that they were not sure what was causing the warning light to go off but noticed that the rear drum break was bad and needed to be replaced. He believed that it was a potential cause of the warning light. I received a finished call that stated he checked the breaks and did several hard stops and it looked to be ok. My wife picked up the car and drove it one block back to the house. I took the car out saturday 7/11/09 and noticed an uneven grinding on one wheel not consistant with the normal wearing of new break pads. Since the store was not open on sunday 7/12/09 and their limited warranty stated that I cannot have other mechanics look at the car, Store 0857 did not comply to our agreement that the car would be fixed and in good working condition by 7/12/09. I was forced to purchase a ticket to fly my wife back in time for work on 7/13/09 for $148.60

I went back to store on Monday 7/13/09 where they removed rust from the left drum break. They stated that they do not offer refunds and that I must call customer service. The customer service said they would only provide a check for $100 so I am still out $48.60 and the ABS/break light still has gone off twice. My advice to anyone is that you don't go to this station. They stated that the car was fixed when it still had problems and deflected any problems to their customer service department.

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  • Wa
      30th of Nov, 2010
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    they scamed me and i am mad im 23 and i can bearly move from an acciendent

  • Ju
      6th of Jan, 2011
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    I just went to get a PA state safety and emissions inspection done. My car passed the emissions inspection and I was told I need a front driver side ball joint and 2 rear rotors for it to pass the safety inspection. I was given an estimate of $300 to replace these things. I went and bought the parts myself for $60, I got the rear rotors from Advance and the ball joint from the dealership. Monros estimate on parts was $140 with $160 for labor. It took me an hour to replace all these parts. After replacing these parts I went back to Monro to have it reinspected. This time they came back and told me I needed a front driver side tie rod end and that all 4 tires weren't the same size. (I have the same size and make on the front and the same size and make on the rear, the fronts are a little bigger than the rear.) I called around to other inspection places and was told that they have never heard of that. I even looked it up myself and could find nothing. It did say that tires on the same axle had to be the same size and make. So I replaced the tie rod and went back and got in an argument with the manager about the tires. He pulled out his inspection regulation book to show me where it said all 4 tires had to be the same size, make, etc. He pointed to the section where it said they had to be on the same axle but nowhere it said all 4 tires. Long story short I told him that he was incompetent and trying to suck money out of me. I was taking my car to a inspection place that knows what they are doing to get it inspected and I was calling corporate to complain and hopefully get refunded for the inspection. I ADVISE THAT NOBODY TAKE THEIR CAR TO MONRO FOR ANY REASON. FIND A NON CHAIN SHOP TO GET YOUR WORK DONE. THEY ARE THE MOST HONEST MECHANICS THERE ARE BECAUSE THEIR LIVELIHOOD DEPENDS ON THEIR INTEGRITY. MONRO FLAT OUT SUCKS AS A BUSINESS, CUSTOMER SERVICE AND HONESTY.

  • Ch
      31st of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I have a 02 Silverado, I took it in to have the rear brakes checkout. They were bad and had them replaced. The service tech also mentioned that the Universal joints were bad and needed to be replaced. He replaced them, that costed me $195. A couple months later driving down the highway I hear a loud boom and see my drive shaft going past me. I had the truck towed to a reputable garage, the Mechanic told me the universal joints were install improperly, which caused me to have the cone on the differential, drive shaft, rear yoke and the universal joints replaced. Costing me $732. There insurance reimbursed me the $732.I call Monro customer service and ask to be reimburse me the $195. They told me that they don't pay for betterment. I don't think paying $732. out of my pocket to fix a problem they caused and having them pay me back the $195. is a betterment. Why pay someone to damage your vehicle. This company is not trustworthy, safe or reliable. I need to take my truck back to my new mechanic and have the rear rotor checked to see if they are installed properly. This Company is a TIRE & BAKE SHOP!!! NOT MECHANICS!!!

  • Wh
      10th of Dec, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Paying you dont increase their profits and thats all they care about, Please dont blame the mechanics as it all stems from corporate greed. I worked there for years with pride until they got rid of Randy Howerton and got Al pyers for a replacement who is a slave driver. Most of their busier shops employees are treated like dirt and forced to sell things the car dont need, not allowed lunch or breaks and asked to work over 50 hrs with little reward for doing so, actually to stay past 40 hurt us because we were paid on commission which was impossible to hit at that many hours and therefore destroyed vacation, and holiday pay. There has also been times I have been pressured into staying off the clock. Good luck keeping employees Al, you loser.

  • Re
      6th of Jun, 2012
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    Went to the Monroeville Pa Monroeville shop, for a Pa inspection of a 2009 Vehicle that only has 33, 000 miles on it, well 4 hours later I left with a bill for $499.00 for breaks, charges for things that were never done and did you ever hear of a SHOP SUPPLY fee for just entering a shop the amount is $39.00, never in my 56 years did I ever have a charge for that. Well thats it for me and Monroeville, what do they think that they are the only shop in town?? Well I believe in the 3 to 11 principal and I will tell three people who in turn will tell eleven. STAY AWAY from Monroe, they are thieves, I think thieves belong in jail not out running an inspection station!!!

  • Re
      6th of Jun, 2012
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    Regarding the above complaint: : It is the Monroe Muffler shop on Rt 22 Monroeville Pa

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