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bad buiness

i have had many issues with monro muffler. i will never go back to this location. the people they have running it are very imature and have filthy language. they broke my truck, and said they made it right but it still was not the same. they smoke in the garbage and have there freinds and girlfriends there working on there own cars. this place is a joke and i have talked with other victoms of this garage and they say they will never return. please do somthing about this store. the manager is even doing these things with the employees. and i even believe there might be drug dealing going on there.

either incompetent or scam artists

I went to Monroe Muffler to get an oil change. I asked them to check a rattling noise that I was experiencing on the front left side of my car whenever my car hit a bump. It sounded like something was loose or broken. After checking my car, I was told that I needed front struts, top mounts, and a sway bar link. This was to be followed by an alignment. Total cost: $1, 020.

Later that week, I dropped my car off at a local car repair shop that I trust for a second opinion and estimate. Later that morning, when I called them back for the estimate, they told me that the car was done. What they found was that a bolt was loose. A couple of turns with a wrench and no more rattling sound. They charged me $35.

What I have learned is that the technician at Monroe Muffler is either incompetent or a croook.

exhaust system/catalytic converter

2006 Ford Taurus taken for exhaust noise. Daughter in law was told it was the catalytic converter and would...

terrible company

Monro Muffler/Brake technician crashed my car during the wheel alignment. They pretend nothing happen; they parked my car in shopping center parking lot after the wheel alignment. As they know the parking lot is disclaim area.Monro Manager Keith Ravens claimed that there was no any damage when he parked my car; the impact could be hit by the another car.(ie Hit and run)I really don't believe it, the impact in my car looks like somebody drove my car backward, then hit to the concerte wall corner or pole sth. The impact is very localize and sharp deep shape.There is no any car shape like this. Between 3:15PM and 4:30PM, only the Manager Keith Ravens and technician Jason Jones owned my car key.They did crash my car.They try to walk away the responsiblity so parked my car in the parking lot. Monro Muffler Brake in Cary Walnut street refuse to pay for my car damage. My car damage cost $3065.20. I need to call my own insurance company. I feel very very unfair, I just want to have wheel alignment, now I need to spend extra$ 500 dollars for my deductible and maybe increase my premium because I did the claim. Although they insisted they did not do that, my car impact is a very powerful silent witness.I can send you my car damage photos, you will believe what I am telling you is true.

worst service center

I hate Monro Muffler Brake and Services. It is the worst service center I have come across in my life so far. I wish I could go there and just burn the place down. I have had the worst experience with them. They have no respect for customers. I will never go back to that crappy service station again. They are an absolute rip off! I truly regret going there. They do nothing right. All they know is to give the stupid talks they give. And do nothing. They try to hard sell you and that is really irritating. They get on your verves. I almost went to hit a guy once because he was acting too smart and was talking very rudely. They are expensive like hell. For small repairs they rip you off of all you have! I found out about that only after I finished with these idiots. I will not go back there again. Please stay away form these rip offs! Monro Muffler Brake and services you suck big time. This is my message for them. I wish I could put it up on every street.

  • Pa
    Padre Aug 29, 2009

    I will never go to Monro Muffler Brake and services ever again. I had been there once and had a terrible experience. I had not expected this kind of service form them. To tell the fact these people suck at what they do. They know nothing. They don't know how to treat customers and are very hard to deal with. They are impossible.
    I wanted my brakes to be repaired and I sent it to them. They gave me an estimate and were very rude with me throughout. They gave me date and time to come pick my car up. When I went there the work was no done and they told me to come the next day. I went the next day they were still working on it. Finally I got my car. It worked well for a day or two but began giving problems again. I took it to another garage they did it up for much cheaper rate and said that it wasn't done properly earlier. I will not go to Monro RIP-OFF services again!

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  • Ti
    Tired Of the Whiners Nov 12, 2010

    You sound like a ex-employee I once knew...Huh...Thats odd

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I had just done $1, 000.00 of repairs from this company. When I drove the car that evening the brakes were squishy so I contacted the company and they said it would take a few days for them to firm up; not knowing much about brakes I believed them. A few days later the brakes actually got worse so I decided to take the car to them. When I dropped my car off I handed the mechanic my keys; who immediately took my car out for a test ride and then I left I was told that they would call as soon as they knew anything. Two hours later I got a call that there was air in my brake lines and they had fixed the problem. I told them that I would be there around 6pm as there were another 5 hours I told them to do an oil change, which they readily agreed. I returned at 6PM, the attendant handed me my keys and said that it was all set. For a second I thought 'wow they gave me the oil change free because they messed up in the first place.' So I asked the guy why there was no charge for the oil change he said because they didn't do one... Mind you there was only one other car there. So a bit perturbed I went to go leave. When I went to unlock my car it was already unlocked which is odd because I always lock my car doors. So I sat in my car and went to go start it when I noticed my stereo had been removed! When I went to get out of the car I also noticed that my arm console was broken. I immediately went back in and told the mechanic what happened. He called me a liar and said there was never a stereo in there! So I replayed the events of the day letting him know that his younger attendant test drove it and that he was not the first person to be in the car. So the next day the manager contacted me and he refused that it was their responsibility. He stuck to the words of the mechanic that there was no stereo. I have quoted that this company is a thief and we all should avoid it.

  • Ct
    CT driver Sep 01, 2009

    I too had a very bad experience with Monroe -- their New Britain CT shop.

    Do not use this shop.

    They do not know how to properly torque lug nuts. My daugher went in for a simple oil change and they tried to upsell her on a front axle. When she refused, they "offered her a free tire rotation". She declined it knowning that they'd try to upsell her on a brake job. Car made noises immediately upon leaving shop. Drove it home. Son drove to dealer -- on the way the front left wheel flew off into on-coming traffic. Monroe denies responsibility.

    Their corporate office is a joke.

    Best advise -- do not use this particular shop and aviod Monore in general.

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  • Re
    Rerob52 Mar 16, 2010

    I don't know about that type of stealing, but I had an incident recently where the manager quoted me a price to repair my front end 1995 Mercury Tr acer which was $558.62 . Well they claim I actually need $2200.00 worth of work. I mention to the manager I could buy a better car for that price and I just want him to repair what was wrong and replace a tire. The guy /mechanic put a part on backwards (Front Sway Bar) and jammed the pins in my Calipers. There was nothing wrong with my Brake and if so I had a life time warranty from another company. The manager promise the car that evening he said they close at 7PM . The car was not ready . I said okay I will pick it up Saturday the next day. The manager said he would call . After waiting until 2Pm I drove over . The manager the said he had to add $ 138.00 because when they worked on the front brakes the wheel bearing needed to be replaced. Well, I paid $952.58 for the replacement of a front sway bar front brakes and a tire the manager choose with out my permission. ( He never show me any style tire that I could chose .) Now I am educated and as you see easy but those guy just treated me like I was Nothing. Now I went back to let the manager know the work on the brakes and sway bar was being repaired at the other company who pointed out the problem. ($311.00) The Manager at Monroe had offered to pay for the labor on the sway bar. Now just today the manager has ask me for the receipt from the repairs. and he was only willing to give me back $56.00 . Man I can be a Gangster that is easy but I'm trying to live the American Dream or at least live without this BS. Yep, I agree man Monroe -Cincinnati, Ohio Sux . I can believe these Goons can take peoples hard earned money or Lie for a profits . Too bad this is not the Sixty's What Planet are these ### From ??????

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  • Go
    GoldTim Sep 05, 2012

    DO NOT USE MONROE MUFFLER IN GLASTONBURY! THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE! i went there to get my radiator changed $1000 2 weeks later my ac was broken was broken so i brought it back to monroe they told me to bring it to the dealership and they will cover the expenses if its their fault. i took it to the dealership had to pay $1700 to fix the ac and radiator again. The dealership also provided me with documents claiming the damage was caused by the work done at monroe. When I went back to monroe and showed them the documents the manager said that wasn't their fault and he was not going to cover the expenses. I then showed him a letter written and signed by one of his employees stating they would cover the expenses he claimed that employee was fired. After alot of arguing and even police had to be called for them to agree to give me at least a refund. Which was supposed to arrive by mail in 2 weeks i still haven't received it. NEVER AGAIN

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  • De
    Debby's Singer Jul 25, 2013

    Do not use Monroe Muffler in Reisterstown, MD.i took my SUV in because my exhaust was getting loud. I have always maintained a regular check and had repairs that were suggested by mechanics.Few weeks prior to this I stopped by small shop in my area that is highly recommended and he was extremely busy, one man shop but he put it up on lift looked at it and told me it was just clap that was loose, and he replaced it and within hour I was on my way charges less than 100 dollars. Now 2 to 3 weeks later it started get loud again . I had important event to go to that weekend so just on a whim I stopped by first place I saw Monroe muffler in Reisterstown. it was about five or so and there were 2 men at counter and 1 woman in waiting area, I told the men that I had loud exhaust and I had to have my car but if they could take a look at it I would appreciate it. The man who said he was manager said if he had someone take me home he could look at it later and let me know what was wrong. At that time I told them I was willing leave it but I am single, self employed and that is my only car and I need know what was wrong, how much money and how long it would take that time I gave them keys and ask if I needed sign anything they told me no estimates are free and they would call me later. They did within hour told me they had it up on lift mechanic was willing to work late that night but they needed my credit card number to get parts after hours. I'm not stupid I never give my number out and ask them why they had have it right away, he stated they were doing me favor would try their best to see I had my car possibly next morning but if they needed purchase parts they needed to have some form payment guarantee from me. Reluctantly I stated please let me know what needed be done and how much it was going cost me. I gave them my number. Next day I waited lunchtime haven't heard from them so I gave them call, they said finished come get it. I was stunned what needed be done and what was it going cost, he said its done we replace entire exhaust. I said ok can someone come pick me up I live less 5 mins away, would have walked but it was pouring down raining.he stated no problem I will send someone by 1. I waited for few hours, no show got ride there, and when I walked in shop, they handed me my keys and piece paper. I looked at it and was shocked, almost 900 dollars and I said don't I have sign anything and please explain why I was informed what needed be done and amount, he stated work done mechanic paid and I didn't need sign anything because when I gave them my credit card number they had right do necessary repairs. I could go on and on bottom line they tricked me, they did what they wanted and with installing complete exhaust system they replaced converter that was replaced less than a year ago and if I knew that was problem it would been covered by other mechanic at another shop because it was under warranty. This mechanic at other shop said if he was informed part was defected and shown it he would replace for no charge, but because he didn't have part and they did repairs there was nothing he could last year I paid little over 900 for repairs mod converter because it didn't pass emission test because service light stayed on now less year later another converter plus entire exhaust almost 900.00. I called customer service which in itself nightmare, mechanics manager has yet to return my calls, district manager has played phone tag with me for weeks. Long story I know but bottom line I was ripped off, misled and have no recourse because my bank told me amount was taken out my account the very same night I left car because when I returned home and found out that one parts which was converter could have been replaced no charge so what they did I will never know but I do know that company is not reportable and I will never deal with them again!

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bad customer service

I talked with the manager on 7/9/09 at store 857 and told him that my ABS and break light went on & wanted him to look at the car. I told Anthony Bellman that it was imperative that the car be in good working order by the time I drove back from Upper Arlington, ohio to Maryland on 7/12/2009. I got a call from the shop that they were not sure what was causing the warning light to go off but noticed that the rear drum break was bad and needed to be replaced. He believed that it was a potential cause of the warning light. I received a finished call that stated he checked the breaks and did several hard stops and it looked to be ok. My wife picked up the car and drove it one block back to the house. I took the car out saturday 7/11/09 and noticed an uneven grinding on one wheel not consistant with the normal wearing of new break pads. Since the store was not open on sunday 7/12/09 and their limited warranty stated that I cannot have other mechanics look at the car, Store 0857 did not comply to our agreement that the car would be fixed and in good working condition by 7/12/09. I was forced to purchase a ticket to fly my wife back in time for work on 7/13/09 for $148.60

I went back to store on Monday 7/13/09 where they removed rust from the left drum break. They stated that they do not offer refunds and that I must call customer service. The customer service said they would only provide a check for $100 so I am still out $48.60 and the ABS/break light still has gone off twice. My advice to anyone is that you don't go to this station. They stated that the car was fixed when it still had problems and deflected any problems to their customer service department.

  • Wa
    wayne12 Nov 30, 2010

    they scamed me and i am mad im 23 and i can bearly move from an acciendent

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  • Ju
    Justin6382 Jan 06, 2011

    I just went to get a PA state safety and emissions inspection done. My car passed the emissions inspection and I was told I need a front driver side ball joint and 2 rear rotors for it to pass the safety inspection. I was given an estimate of $300 to replace these things. I went and bought the parts myself for $60, I got the rear rotors from Advance and the ball joint from the dealership. Monros estimate on parts was $140 with $160 for labor. It took me an hour to replace all these parts. After replacing these parts I went back to Monro to have it reinspected. This time they came back and told me I needed a front driver side tie rod end and that all 4 tires weren't the same size. (I have the same size and make on the front and the same size and make on the rear, the fronts are a little bigger than the rear.) I called around to other inspection places and was told that they have never heard of that. I even looked it up myself and could find nothing. It did say that tires on the same axle had to be the same size and make. So I replaced the tie rod and went back and got in an argument with the manager about the tires. He pulled out his inspection regulation book to show me where it said all 4 tires had to be the same size, make, etc. He pointed to the section where it said they had to be on the same axle but nowhere it said all 4 tires. Long story short I told him that he was incompetent and trying to suck money out of me. I was taking my car to a inspection place that knows what they are doing to get it inspected and I was calling corporate to complain and hopefully get refunded for the inspection. I ADVISE THAT NOBODY TAKE THEIR CAR TO MONRO FOR ANY REASON. FIND A NON CHAIN SHOP TO GET YOUR WORK DONE. THEY ARE THE MOST HONEST MECHANICS THERE ARE BECAUSE THEIR LIVELIHOOD DEPENDS ON THEIR INTEGRITY. MONRO FLAT OUT SUCKS AS A BUSINESS, CUSTOMER SERVICE AND HONESTY.

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  • Ch
    Chris Pruitt Aug 31, 2011

    I have a 02 Silverado, I took it in to have the rear brakes checkout. They were bad and had them replaced. The service tech also mentioned that the Universal joints were bad and needed to be replaced. He replaced them, that costed me $195. A couple months later driving down the highway I hear a loud boom and see my drive shaft going past me. I had the truck towed to a reputable garage, the Mechanic told me the universal joints were install improperly, which caused me to have the cone on the differential, drive shaft, rear yoke and the universal joints replaced. Costing me $732. There insurance reimbursed me the $732.I call Monro customer service and ask to be reimburse me the $195. They told me that they don't pay for betterment. I don't think paying $732. out of my pocket to fix a problem they caused and having them pay me back the $195. is a betterment. Why pay someone to damage your vehicle. This company is not trustworthy, safe or reliable. I need to take my truck back to my new mechanic and have the rear rotor checked to see if they are installed properly. This Company is a TIRE & BAKE SHOP!!! NOT MECHANICS!!!

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  • Wh
    whistleblower1 Dec 10, 2011

    Paying you dont increase their profits and thats all they care about, Please dont blame the mechanics as it all stems from corporate greed. I worked there for years with pride until they got rid of Randy Howerton and got Al pyers for a replacement who is a slave driver. Most of their busier shops employees are treated like dirt and forced to sell things the car dont need, not allowed lunch or breaks and asked to work over 50 hrs with little reward for doing so, actually to stay past 40 hurt us because we were paid on commission which was impossible to hit at that many hours and therefore destroyed vacation, and holiday pay. There has also been times I have been pressured into staying off the clock. Good luck keeping employees Al, you loser.

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  • Re
    Regina Danielson Jun 06, 2012

    Went to the Monroeville Pa Monroeville shop, for a Pa inspection of a 2009 Vehicle that only has 33, 000 miles on it, well 4 hours later I left with a bill for $499.00 for breaks, charges for things that were never done and did you ever hear of a SHOP SUPPLY fee for just entering a shop the amount is $39.00, never in my 56 years did I ever have a charge for that. Well thats it for me and Monroeville, what do they think that they are the only shop in town?? Well I believe in the 3 to 11 principal and I will tell three people who in turn will tell eleven. STAY AWAY from Monroe, they are thieves, I think thieves belong in jail not out running an inspection station!!!

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  • Re
    Regina Danielson Jun 06, 2012

    Regarding the above complaint: : It is the Monroe Muffler shop on Rt 22 Monroeville Pa

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stay away!

This happened at the Fredonia Dunkirk store. I had been going to this shop for a little while. They told me they would fix my car because it wasn't starting. They made opps. and broke them before two weeks later they took my car in for a full day and didn't do a thing to it and gave it back to me telling me to clean my battery terms my self because he was gonna charge me 50$ for it and it would save me money. It doesn't work so I make an opp to bring the car back in. he ends up doing the termsinals himself, charging the 50 for it and my car still didn't work. so I bring it in 2 weeks later (mind you this hole time this is my only mode of trans so I'm sitting in my work parking lot everyday trying to crank the car) "VERY EMBARRISING" The one worker tells me that my alternator is bad. They replace it the same day and they broke my 500 dollar navi cd player in the process. I worked with them for a while on it bringing my car in every other day just for them to say that they a=re "gonna fix it" To make a big loooong story short I called there corporate and they were very unprofessional. They have been ripping of college kids in the area for awhile now and should be stopped.

  • Pj
    pjotrek Dec 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On Oct 4, 2017 at apprx. 3pm I drove into Monroe's in Orangeburg, SC, parked and stood in front of the work area. After waiting a few minutes with no assistance an employee came out of the office and spoke to one of the workers. He then asked me if I needed any help. I replied I needed someone to check my air pressure. He replied it would be about an hour. I replied just to get pressure checked! He replied they had paying customers inside. I said I just need my pressure checked. He replied once again about paying customers. I said thank you and I went to Goodyear up the street and received pressure check and air in 60 seconds. I felt all he had to do was take a gauge and check my pressure. It was my first visit at Monroe's in Orangeburg and it will be my LAST!

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  • Ho
    Hologram Apr 27, 2012

    You were one of the lucky ones that learned your lesson cheap. Most of us have absorbed expenses that cost us.

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don't trust them!

Took car there to have old tires replaced with new ones I bought off tire rack. They put a nice scratch on my rim and balanced my tire three separate times and still couldn't get it right. Even though the guy who did it drove it said they were good and balanced they weren't. I got on the highway and had some serious vibration. I finally got tired of dealing with these incompetent idiots that I took it somewhere else and they showed me how far off the tires were out of balance and fixed the problem. Don't go there even if they seem like a good deal.

  • Mi
    Michaelsean999 Jun 18, 2009

    The Monroe Muffler shop in Ithaca New York is extremely dishonest. A friend brought a car in for a oil change they overcharged her for the work lied about the quantity the car took ( charged for 5gt. the car only holds 4gt.) the price was what should be for a synthetic. They also but did not get $400.00 worth of work that was not needed i.e. flushing power steering, fuel injection cleaning ect. i am in a automotive related business, these clowns are very fraudulent. It is obvious that the State agency for overseeing this kind of abuse is asleep. I contacted the Attorney Generals office and their reply was they all do it.

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  • Ka
    Kateslp914 Aug 28, 2009

    I should have read these reviews before going to Monroe Tire and Muffler in Ithaca, NY on Elmira Road. I was severely overcharged for the parts on my car and unfortunately, being the good person that I am and the type of person who thinks good of others, I didn't realize this until it was too late (after the 30 day warrantee that Monroe "guarantees"). After 1, 000 miles, I brought my car into my regular mechanic for an oil change and he wouldn't let me leave b/c he said that the my car needed new breaks - work that I had just had done by Monroe!! The work that they had done was a "quick fix" rather than a true repair and I had to PAY TWICE for the same problem because they didn't repair it correctly the first time! Don't make the same mistake I did, please do your research and don't let these people overcharge you and potentially put your life in danger by incorrectly repairing your car. It's so important to spread the word - because it's not just about money at this's about safety.

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  • Ra
    Racheld Sep 13, 2009

    I also took my car to a Monroe Tire and Muffler, in State College, PA. I brought it in because it was breaking down, (the excuse they gave me for why I needed a new ingnition coil, water was getting in and shortcircuiting it) that put me back about 400$. They assured me that I could drive it safely. I drove it about 15 miles and smoke started coming out of the front while I was driving on the highway. I had to get it towed (about 200$, thanks to Monroe). Not only did they put my life and other drivers lives in danger, they also scammed me out of my hard-earned money. I wouldnt take a bicycle to this place. I guess for 400$ I expect a problem to be fixed. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO THESE PEOPLE!

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  • Af
    AfroQueen Oct 21, 2009

    The Monore In Quincy Massachusetts is HORRIBLE!!! DONT EVER GO THERE They charge to much and the lie about what needs to be fixed with your car

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  • Ja
    James R. Kronberg Oct 06, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If your going for car repairs be very careful of Monroe Auto Care Centers. I went in there knowing what I needed along with a estimated cost. I didn't say anything. the price they were charging for parts were 3 times the cost along with $103.00 per hour for repairs. He then went on to tell me I needed a air filter along with having my lifters cleaned. i kept quiet. A few minutes later i said to him why are you telling me I need these items. You did this work 3 months ago. He didn't know what to say. he said he got confused with somebody else. I previously went there because I had the credit card. I will no longer use them except maybe for a oil change as that is at a decent price.


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bad brake jobs on two of my cars

I took my car in to my local Monro Muffler to have my brakes looked at, new tires put on and an oil...

bad service

Mechanic at Monroe Muffler caused damage to struts and strut plates in order to make more money. I took my...

employee abuse

For the last four years, I have been a mechanic for Monro Muffler & Brake. The company pay plan is based on a...

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