Monro Muffler Brake & Service / Unqualified employees

United States

I went to Monro to get new tires and an alignment. They did not replace the valve stems that are part of the one price package deal with the new tires, and of course during the installation of the tires, the technician broke a valve stem. The alignment was totally off, as I realized driving onto the interstate right after. My car was basically jumping out of my hands. I went back to the Monro shop and they said that their alignment heads were going bad. They provided a service knowing that they machine was faulty. The alignment still was not good after the second time going there. The next day my tire was flat due to the broken valve stem. I had to fight with them to get them to replace the valve stems they were supposed to provide during the first visit. They still only replaced one valve stem. They would not give me a credit for the faulty work or the alignment. The ordeal was not solved even after contacting the customer service, and corporate headquarters. I turned to a dispute with the credit card company and it took so long that it was passed the allowed days to file. Now, justice still has not been served and Monro made money by jeopardizing lives and hiring unqualified employees. This is a horrible company. I understand people make mistakes but if a company is not willing to fix their mistakes and compensate for them, then what merit do they have in the service they provide? Anyone associated with that company should be ashamed of themselves and have trouble sleeping at night.

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