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no service

I brought my truck to monro in woonsocket rhode island even made an appointment with the district manager and...


Went in for an oil change, check engine light and a 30 point safety inspection. What I got was a $850 quote...

bad all around service

Went in for an oil change, check engine light and a 30 point safety inspection. What I got was a $850 quote...

bad employer

Monro muffler and brake treats there employees terrable, they make them work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day no breaks and the company deducts for them and dose not let them have one, they also cut there pay decreasing the pay rate, this company should be investigated by the labor board.

rip off

This place and other locations are a rip off... after the trouble i had with them yesterday trying to charge me $1300.00 for a job that cost $500.00 at other places (manikin) and then refusing to except there own coupons.. ( well i decided to do a little more investigating) i called up 2 different Monro mufflers and asked them how much it would cost to replace a muffler and a tail pipe with the cost of labor included. Both locations gave me a ruff estimate of $377.00 to the dot well im like same place different locations both $377.00 so then i called two more Monro Mufflers and asked them the same question only this time i informed them that i had a 30% off a muffler job after the guy acts like he is calculating things up yada yada Now get this they both say from both locations... wow that's a pretty good deal man with that coupon.. with the 30% off your total will ruffly be about $377.00... wtf i figured yesterday after dealing with the fricking crook Greg from Monro Muffler 5501 Allentown blvd shop 162 Harrisburg pa [protected] that's( GREG) that i might just be dealing with a bad dude trying to get over... but it seems to be general practice with this company to rip off its costumers when u go to there web page the 1st thing you see is(in big print) the company you can trust...If its one thing i have learned is trust worthy people don't go around broadcasting how trustworthy they are... if i met some one and they had to repeatedly tell me how much of a good person they are i would stand clear from them just as well as this company ..

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sloppy workmanship

I recently took my Audi A3 to my local Monro service garage to have brake pads replaced. Upon inspection of my vehicle, the Monro manager indicated my CV boots were torn and needed to be replaced. This was confirmed earlier by my Audi service people. He also advised replacing front axles because they may have been compromised by the intrusion of dirt and pollutants. I confirmed this possibility while investigating on line. I paid to have all of this work performed in good faith.

Now the bad stuff...First I was told the wrong axle had been delivered by the supplier...had to do without our only car for 2 days and the weekend until they could complete work. When I picked up car, and drove home (3 miles) and took my wife to work next morning, I noticed a tapping and scraping sound from the front end. Immediately returned car to Monro to inspect problem. They indicated a bolt in the axle assembly had loosened and had been hitting the tranny case and punctured a hole through which transmission fluid had escaped, causing damage to the tranny. NOW MY CAR IS WITH MY AUDI DEALER LOOKING AT A TRANSMISSION REPLACEMENT WHICH WILL TAKE A MONTH TO LOCATE AND INSTALL!! Because a careless technician did not pay attention to details.

  • Do
    Donald E. Ross Oct 13, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    edumont: I'm sorry we didn't fix your vehicle right the first time. What a hassle. Did the store manager refer you to our corporate customer service department? If not, the toll-free telephone number is 1-800-876-6676 extension 3500. Or, you may email me at [email protected] and I will forward your information - Don Ross, marketing department, Monro Muffler Brake & Service

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bad customer service

Yesterday I took my vehicle to Monroe Muffler to have it looked at. I had a terrible vibration in the front and shaking all over the road. They advised me that I needed to replace both the front inner and outer tie rod ends and that it could possibly break if I did not do it right away. Fortunatly for me I knew that their price estimate was way to high because I had taken it to Sears a couple weeks before and was given a estimate that was less than half the price for the same work. The reason I went for a second opinion is because I had a friend take a look at it and he had advised me that he did not believe the tie rods were the issue after I had been to sears. Any how I had my friend do the work that same day and when he went to replace the tie rods he noticed they were not bad at all however we already had it apart and had the parts so we went ahead and finished the job. After a test drive it was just as bad. So he investigated a little farther and could clearly see that there is a u joint that is about to fall right out of the truck. Good work Monro Muffler diagnosing a problem without thouroghly looking into the problem. I specifically told them that it was worse in 4 wheel drive. So had I agreed to pay the $1427.95 for the work they had advised me to have done. I still would not have been able to drive my truck. Please get a 2nd opinion before allowing Monro Muffler to do any work on your vehicles.

still getting robbed heavily $ $till a broke mechanic

This job is still making me suffer despite the fact I graduated an a student from m.T. T.I. July 2010 and I...

unqualified employees

I went to Monro to get new tires and an alignment. They did not replace the valve stems that are part of the one price package deal with the new tires, and of course during the installation of the tires, the technician broke a valve stem. The alignment was totally off, as I realized driving onto the interstate right after. My car was basically jumping out of my hands. I went back to the Monro shop and they said that their alignment heads were going bad. They provided a service knowing that they machine was faulty. The alignment still was not good after the second time going there. The next day my tire was flat due to the broken valve stem. I had to fight with them to get them to replace the valve stems they were supposed to provide during the first visit. They still only replaced one valve stem. They would not give me a credit for the faulty work or the alignment. The ordeal was not solved even after contacting the customer service, and corporate headquarters. I turned to a dispute with the credit card company and it took so long that it was passed the allowed days to file. Now, justice still has not been served and Monro made money by jeopardizing lives and hiring unqualified employees. This is a horrible company. I understand people make mistakes but if a company is not willing to fix their mistakes and compensate for them, then what merit do they have in the service they provide? Anyone associated with that company should be ashamed of themselves and have trouble sleeping at night.

scammed, ripped off

I agree with all of these complaints. I took my truck in for an oil change at Monroe Muffler in South...

rip off

I recently received a coupon for an oil change at Monro Muffler Brake. I went there for the 18.99 Oil Change in Waterloo, NY. My van had no problems when I dropped it off. The first time I used the brakes after leaving the shop the brake pedal went to the floor. I pulled over and discovered a rear brake line was leaking. I immediately took it back to the shop. They looked at it and determined that the part had coincidentally broke after I drove it away. Even though there was a pool of brake fluid where the mechanic parked the van. I disagree, the brake line broke because once they get your car in they go through it yanking and pulling on things trying to find things to fix and if they break something they don't feel they're responsible. I contacted Monro and file a complaint through there website and have not received a reply.They obviously don't care. If you receive a coupon from them throw it away. My $18.99 coupon ended up costing me over $100.00

disproportionate charge

Monro charged me a rate for fixing my brake that was disproportionately higher than its competitors and other local repair shops for fixing my brakes and rotors.

When I complained on their website, the customer rep, Mr. Christopher Johnson, offered to resolve the issue using their price match policy, for which I was no longer eligible (given the timing of my discovery) and noted to him. Nevertheless, I complied with his instructions, after his encouragement. Subsequently, he agreed to refund me the $100 excess charge, however it was in store credit, which was unacceptable to as a result of my sense of mistrust for the company and my lack of interest in returning to the company for any further care of my car.

I was reasonably questioning the integrity of the company and their business practices as I had experienced them as having taken advantage of me. Mr. Johnson insisted on a store credit refund so I asked to be directed to his supervisor, Mr. Terry Haschmann, the director of customer service who provided the worst model of customer service I have ever experienced. I am truly appalled that he holds such a position, given my previous experiences in the retail and hospitality industries. Mr. Haschmann lacked basic skills of demonstrating courtesy or empathy and cannot imagine that the CEO or board of directors are aware of the way he is representing the company. He truly seemed to require a basic training in customer service.

I am interested in contacting either the CEO, Mr. Robert Gross or the V.P. to report my experiences with their company and request my refund back in the cash value that I paid to them, given that the excessive charge was an error on the institution's part and not mine. My loyalty to the company has quickly disappeared and has been replaced by a strong distaste for the company. I have not only stopped providing them with my business, I have also been discouraging all my family, friend, colleagues and acquaintances to avoid doing business with them, especially females, because they fail to fulfill their mission of providing fair, service that is of optimal quality. Even worse, the do not maintain their doctine of "reasonable pricing", or excellent customer service.

Please let me know if you can provide me with the contact information for the V.P or CEO of the company as I do not intend to relent on this issue due to my worry that they will continue to behave in such a manner and continue to take advantage of disempowered consumers.

bad employee treatment

I was in shop 21 in bradford Pennsylvania a few days ago. I overheard the manager and technicians talking about their work schedule and the company. they were forced to get rid of their third tech and they are working 8 day stretches, and the store manager is working 7 days a week from 7-7. This is not legal and will not be tolerated. I am writing on their behalf because they were saying if they spoke up they would be fired. they have no family life, and the store manager has a heart condition and has missed his last 3 appts due to not having a day off. If they get sick, there is nobody to cover, so the other tech has to work the entire day. they were told by the market manager mark penipento they could not hire anyone else. forcing the store manager to not get days off and the techs one day off a week. They are getting wore out. I felt so bad for these guys, and thats why i am speaking up. Something has to be done here. they are getting no breaks, as the cars keep coming to make numbers and there is not enough personnel. the one tech is 60, and the other has diabetes and they cannot get a break? But monro takes it out of their pay? They are open 7 days a week and running two techs and want NO OVERTIME WHATSOEVER!!! i already have a call into the labor board and i will take it even further if need be. No employees should be treated this way.

careless and dishonest service

Throughout the past few years of taking my vehicles to Monro, I have experienced service which can only be...

overcharging & dishonesty

I took my car into Monro Muffler/Brake & Service in Tallmadge, Ohio because I was having trouble with my...

rude racist behavior

The check engine light of my car came on while driving towards Niagara Falls. So to ensure that it is not...

complaining about the manager - al cappon - norwalk, oh shop

Below is the context of the letter that i've mailed to monro's corporate office; To whom it may...

wrongful termination

Monro Muffler Brake is a fire happy company. I have been with them for almost three months. The first mounth was training and then placed into a failing store as manager.
Now, this store has been on a decline for about a year but just last week the zone manager (in a screaming rage) told me it was all my fault! This was just after he fired the market manager (a 16 year employee). He was swearing, constantly using the "F" word and so on.
Today (While on a Dr.s leave) the new market manager fired me!
In the three months I've been there I know of Three managers and two assitant mangers fired by this zone manager. A foul mouthed, arragant, conceited idiot.
I have over 40 years in the automotive service business and know you can not turn a destroyed store around in 6 weeks.
Perspective auto perfessionals: Stay clear of Monro!!!

  • To
    Tom Aug 03, 2009

    Do not go to monro muffler in monroevile pa on us 22.This place is a joke they ripe off customers and the manager Rich is a butt hole they only pay 9.00 bucks an hour plus 12% after the tech as done 3, 000 in sales.I am a former employee They lied to my face to get me to work there.He sales alinements and does not do them, oil changes.he will sale you max life and tell the tech to put in bulk but charges you 37.71 for a 23.80 oil change this is with tax.They will sell you napa, advance auto, car quest, parts if they don't have the parts in stock and mark them up 100%some times 200% say they pay 20.00 bucks for brake pads "their cost" and charge you 120 bucks + labor.This is just a start to what I have to say.Please trust me.

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  • Ih
    Ihatemonromuffler Aug 29, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very unhappy with customer service and repair. Not happy at all. My elderly Mother brought in her car for an inspection and oil change to Stone Rd Monro muffler. After $600 later the manager said it was ready to be picked up. Thinking It was readyand inspected, I went to pick up the car for my mother. I drove off I started to drive away and noticed the engine light was on and no inspection sticker. Went back in and spoke with manager and asked why is there no inspection sticker he said he had told us???? This was never even mentioned to me prior to me picking up the vehicle. He said he would once again need it another day to find out why the engine light was on. VERY VERY UNHAPPY. I would never ever bring a car to a Monro Muffler again. Please do not use Monro Muffler. I totally think my mother was ripped off because of her age.

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I took my car into monro for an oil change and by the time I drove home (5 minutes) I had no brake fluid in my car. I took it back in to have it looked at and they refused to take responsibility for the damage. They say that is just a coincidence that the brake line just happened to go as I was driving off of their property. They are charging me another $75 to fix what they broke. I have since looked online and found numerous other complaints about the same behavior. One story is exactly the same as mine. I argued with the man at the shop for half an hour to no avail. My wife then called the customer service number and was also treated very rudely. These people can not be allowed to get away with this.

I believe that either they are very careless or that the company is actually having their employees break things after luring customers in with a cheap oil change. It turns out that they have had almost 700 complaints filed against them with the BBB in the last 36 months!

it took me an hour and 15 minutes in order to get a ten minute oil change

I checked the company opening hours and it indicates 7:30. One guy shows up and doesn't begin work on a simple oil change for Customer #1 until 8:10, Customer #2 & customer #3 (myself)waiting. Meanwhile the one other lazy employee bothers to show up around 8:25 and the manager shows up around 8:35.Bottom line - it took me an hour and 15 minutes in order to get a ten minute oil change.