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I had muffler noise so I took my car to my local Midas (a shop I frequent) they put my car up and gave me an Estimate of $150. Specifically mentioning that the Catalytic Converter was in great shape. I made an appointment that I unfortunately and subsequently missed, do to work. The next available appointment at Midas was several days away. I wish now I had waited! Needing my vehicle sooner I stopped in to Monro that evening on my way home to see if they could get my car fixed right away.

They put the car up on the lift and we all looked underneath, I noted that indeed it seemed like a small repair as Midas and my father had noted. My car was then taken off the lift. My father is a master pipe fitter for over 60 yrs now. He used drive - on lifts to take a look at my car and would have done the work for me, but his full lift was inoperable at the time.

To my surprise Monro quoted an estimate of $425. far and away above the Midas estimate which I mentioned to the manager(?), he advised the Catalytic Converter needed to be replaced. I questioned why? The response being "it's no good". I asked why they could not "tack weld" the front pipes as Midas had advised, it seemed simple enough to me, the response was "it needs to go". My vehicle was inspected visually only, nothing was taken off, removed or moved on the evening I took my car to Monro. Yet, they produced an estimate of $425. was to include the "cat" all parts and labor. The "cat" they said, showed as being in stock and available, feeling I had no options, I reluctantly made an appointment for early the next morning. I arrived at 8 am after 20 minutes or so my car went onto the lift, I checked out the area for myself (again) and again plainly asked why a replacement not a repair? I was assured the "cat " was necessary.

After another 30 minutes or better, a manager(?) appeared to advise me that now the "cat" could not be located in their parts dept. so one would be ordered at a "little" higher price but could be finished that day. Now, not that I am not some what culpable here, but to be fair, I will explain further. I needed to have the car in particular that day because the next day is the anniversary of my son's death. They did not know this, but I believe fully, that they noticed I was very distracted, emotional and stressed, that I required fast service and took advantage of these factors to bump up the bill.

BTW the total cost at Monro went from $425. to $503. on the day of service The ordered "cat" took over an hour and a half to arrive. Work began about an hour after the part arrived. It took until 4PM. for Monro to finish with my car!

I registered a dispute with my CC company, and after a preliminary investigation, Monro offered to "price match" the work, which of course would include the cost of the "cat" I never needed. The offer was to extend the price match option.

When the actual dispute resolved letter was I received I was incredulous to see that Monro had claimed the "cat" needed replacement because "it was all broken up inside" Lets see now, no-one seemed to be wearing X-ray glasses and no one appeared psychic, so how did they "know" my car needed a "cat" having never taken it off and looking inside before quoting me the estimate of $425. to replace the "cat"? Slick huh?

I will never of course return and will let everyone I know that this place is a RIP OFF JOINT! Which considering the number, wide spread and scope of customer complaints, I assume it is a company wide policy to deceive the customers.

I have registered a new dispute against Monro, they unwittingly provided me with more evidence of their deceit when they offered the explanation for replacing the "cat" because supposedly "it was all broken up inside" before looking!!! Wish me luck and if you like, send an E mail to American Express, letting them know how shady this company really is!!


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