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Monro Muffler & Brake / Employee abuse

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For the last four years, I have been a mechanic for Monro Muffler & Brake. The company pay plan is based on a percentage commission for work performed. Even though I have proven, (when given the chance), that I could be as productive as most of their other mechanics, I have been blocked from making money by unscrupulous managers, and assistant managers. As it stands right now, I am almost penniless from this unfair company's ridiculous pay plan, and the latest manager I work under, is a loud mouthed, abusive person with delusions of godhood, who threatens to fire almost every employee every day, and today, he robbed me of income. I ask all who read this to go elsewhere for service, if you have used, or considered using Monro for service. Please put this vile company out of business!

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  • Ro
      6th of Aug, 2008
    +2 Votes

    that's the reason I no longer work there. After being promised $12/hr my first paycheck came with a guarantee of only $10/hr and was paid $9/hr. For some reason the woman in payroll didn't understand that 9 doesn't equal 10 doesn't equal 12! My manager did his best to correct the situation, but it didn't matter. After five weeks of not getting paid what I was promised I was then knocked down to minimum wage ($7.15). I turned in my two weeks notice to give them a chance to correct the situation and was promptly fired by my district manager, the one who promised me the $12/hr to start with.

  • So
      12th of Aug, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I work for them now and could never agree with you they have the pay system so f-up so you dont know if you are getting robbed and they are a cooprate so they hide any problems by fire anyone who complains I have audio of the district manager in ct name ken saying he does not care what a customer thinks it all about the numbers for the share holders I have even gone as far as to complaining to his boss bill wilson and still no results I am now tring to file a law suit the bottom line is this company ripps people off I am looking ofr a new job after ken told us in a managers meeting that we should be selling calipers on every car!(wtf) no matter if bad or not dont give discounts and us the cheapest parts we can get do you really want to bring your car to a place that use the cheapest thing they can find and charge you the most they can?If you want to see how arrogant the guy is call him 860-861-8400 ask for ken

  • Fr
      21st of Aug, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I have worked for Monro for the past several years. I went to classes for two weeks to become the Assistant Manager. My base pay is only $9 an hour which will never change. Monro doesn't believe in raises. Over a year ago, they hired a new tech who has now stepped in and taken over the Assistant Manager position on me. Even though I am still the Assistant, he never took the classes and was told that I had to do shop work 99.9% of the time. Monro complained that the Assistant was double dipping (working out in shop and running shop). Well this is exactly what is going on with this other guy that is NOT the Assistant (but is working as one) he is double dipping and no one seems to have a problem with him doing it. Time and time again we've had messages on the machines from the district manager KELLER who doesn't give a rats ### about the customer and to try and soak them for every sent we can to get work in the shop. A few times I was even told to LIE to the customer for work that wasn't needed on their vehicle's. I refuse to lie to a customer if the work doesn't need to be done, I refuse to do something that doesn't and they get charged for it. When the manager is on vacation, they refuse to have anyone take their normal day off which the employees are entitled to. I am in the process of finding another job and know that eventually this will all catch up with Monro and they will be going under

  • Br
      27th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I agree. Monro Muffler is the most corrupt, dishonest, overcharging repair facility that exists to date! I worked for them for a whole 3 months as a store manager and quit. I have integrity and even though they paid me a lot of money, as in 65k a year, I still couldnt charge customers 500 dollars for a front brake job on a 2000 Lumina. There are 100 dollars in parts there!! They use the same made in china garbage that you buy from Autozone and Advance. You do have a daily sales quota, and you are constantly reminded of that via abusive, threatening morning messages from your district manager, whose name is Rich Keller. I have an entire memory card of these abusive morning messages on my cell phone. He swears, verbally assaults, trashes customers, and talks about performing un-needed repairs just to make money. Just so everyone knows, Monro averages a 72.6% gross profit margin, which means 72.6 cents for every dollar you give them is profit. They average a 92% profit margin on brake jobs, hence the high prices. When they buy a part from another supplier, they are told to mark it up by 3 times what you pay for it!!! So, a 100 dollar starter gets sold to the customer for 400? All shops have parts markups, but that is crazy! He would use scare tactics to motivate his managers, right down the the daily threatening of your job if you dont do this and if you dont do that. When the shop had a slow day, it was the managers fault. When the shop had a slow week, it was the managers fault. Monro will replace the manager in that location 4 times in a year because they really believe that if sales are down it is because of the manager. I would agree to some extent, but changing managers 4 times a year is a great way to cause doubt and lack of confidence in both employees and customers. In addition, you have district managers attempting to physically assault their managers, which I might add didnt go the way one DM planned it and he got his ### kicked in the process. This same manager gets DWI's in company vehicles, and yet still has a job. Avoid monro muffler at all costs!!!

  • Ca
      15th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I just had my car serviced at Monro in Avon Lake, Ohio. I needed a muffler, and new brake lines. The muffler I ended up with was a Dynomax Super Turbo, which cost me $204 plus labor. When I looked it up I found I could get the same muffler for $61 from Summit. I also needed a fuel line replaced. The bill was $1, 394.84, and the muffler isn't even Stainless Steel! And, I didn't like the sound of the Dynomax to start with. Manager claimed he couldn't get me a Stainless Steel performance muffler for a 97 Z-28? I found them all over the net? I never was given a written estimate, but was called and told the price, and agreed before the work was done. But, no matter what, there's no excuse for ripping someone off that much!

  • Ti
      1st of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Took my 1982 Mercedes in for a $10 state inspection and two new front tires. Came away with a $325 bill. They charged for an emissions inspection, which is not required for this vehicle since it's > 10 years old. I refused to pay, and they revised my bill. They also charged $10 per tire for a "road hazard fee" which I never agreed to. The salesmen basically said it was beyond his authority to reverse the charge. (But it wasn't beyond his authority to charge me?) They also told me I needed new wiper blades. It's April 1, and I installed brand new wiper blades on this vehicle in November, right before I parked the car for the winter. The wiper blades were never used once. Monro apparently thinks that brand new wiper blades should be replaced. Not only that, but the wiper blades did not fit correctly, so the technician secured them to the wiper arm with nylon zip ties. The charge for the wiper blade replacement was $34, and was completely unnecessary. Monro is horrible. By being dishonest and trying to make money this way, they just lost a customer for life.

  • Ja
      23rd of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    i was an ###. manager at a monro in checktowaga ny. 155 french rd to be exact. the complates that i have just read about are completely true. monro wants you to sell anything and everything possible. they even say that they have a.s.e certified techs at there stores. i just passed 2 a.s.e's and sense being there for a little over a year i have only met one other person with any. they even hire people who have no experince as a mechanic and dont even have any tools. telling them that they should use someome else's that works there. i have seen young kids(17-19yld) doing oil changes and forget to put any oil in the car, start in up and not know why the oil light was on.. i have also seen them not tightin wheels on cars and let the customer leave with them.that is only a couple far as managers go, they are all a**holes and only try to rip you the customer off. please if you like your car and money go somewhere else.

  • Un
      12th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I haven't seen any of these experiences but I am taking your advice into careful consideration. I have a start that needs replaced and I am here in Harrisburg, PA. I wish I knew the best move to make. All I know is Monroe lately. I have to fix my car.

  • Jz
      11th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am an employee of Monro Muffler for over a year now. I think this company is really sucks. I' have been working as an auto technician for over 10 years (not in the US). but I got the lowest pay rate in the company even i can do everything at work and have the inspection license. Instead of increase the pay rate after working there for a year, i got pay decrease (twice in a year) for no reason. When asked manager, i was told because of underperformance. but there is no measurement for the perfomance. I was hired for "Full TIme" but never given hours more then 30/hr a week. If I got 30/hr I was lucky. not just that. you can never be able to find a second job because they schedule me in a weekly basis. that's means I don't have a schedule. I work on the different days and hours each day and week. I have complained to the Department of Labor, they brought my pay rate back but again reduced after 6 months. The company made a big profit this year - it is on local news, not easy at todays economy. I know how they make money now. It is on our employee. When I try to call the cooprate office to ask an explain. No one answer me but asking me to leave a voice message. Please don't come to this company to fix your cars. It is the worst place to work!!!

  • Ji
      12th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    not to start a rant, but if you offer your customers the 30 day ride gaurantee on all tires sold, and informed the customer we will match or beat any major competetors price as long as they bring in an estimate, or within 30 days of repair with a major competetors estitmate we will reimberse the customer the difference. what is unfair about that!! but i do agree monro should look into revising pay structure for techs and take time to go back to basics and train all personnel to perform their jobs more proficiently aswell. restructuring pricing to help meet the needs of the customers and overwhelm them with service is a must in any business to stay competetive and sustain growth. thanks for reading this. jct

  • Ba
      14th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have been working at several monro locations in ohio for the last year since I have been with the company, I have never seen a company treat their employees the way this company does, they pressure the managers to the point of selling repairs that are not needed just to make their saled budget so they can keep their jobs, I know I have been there myself, and yes the prices for repairs are out of this world, for example a wheel bearing for a chevy impala is 600.00 which you can pick up the same timken bearing from autozone for 100.00, an average strut replacement for a chevy malibu for front and rear struts is 1600.00, no they want the managers to go out to your car as soon as you come in and get your milage so they can sell you an entire list of scheduled maintenance repairs befor your car is even looked at, they advertise dealer quality and a lower price but trust me it will be cheaper to go to the dealer that does not have a labor rate of 97.00 per hour and does not mark there parts up 300%

  • Go
      29th of Apr, 2010
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    Monro Muffler Brake Service - Stay away from this place
    Monro Muffler Brake Service
    United States

    Stay away from Monro Muffler in Cary Nc on Chatham St. I took my car there for an oil change and before I could get to the waitng room, they said my car was ready and they had rotated my tires(IMPOSSIBLE)I caught them in 2 lies in less than 10 min. Tires was never rotated and to this day I dont believe they changed my oil. Stay Away from this place.

  • S1
      29th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had my worst, and last, experience with Monro Muffler at one of their Ohio locations today. Absolutely disgusting how they try to "gouge" people.

    I took my 1998 Chevy S-10 truck in to have an estimate on exhaust work. I was told it was the catalytic converter, would take about an hour to replace, and I had 2 options: pay $800 for a factory part replacement, or a "cheaper" brand for $450. WTH!

    I left the shop and did some price checking. At the local auto parts store, I found the converter for about $225 and obtained pricing checks later that day for as low as $115.

    When I went back to the shop, with money in hand mind you, to question the $450 estimate, I was told the catalytic converter was $315 and the balance was the labor charge. When I asked what the hourly rate was (they said it would only take about an hour), I was told $80 per hour.

    When I confronted the shop manager with the lower prices on the part, he said they weren't a parts store. He said rudely if I wanted to buy the part and put it on myself, I was free to do that. I asked them how they, in good conscience, could gouge people like they were doing with the parts markup and high labor charges. After some more heated words, I left the shop without letting them perform the work. The manager chased me down in the parking lot, trying to block me in from getting into my truck, threatening to call the Sheriff on me if I showed back up! Don't worry mister, this is one "customer" who will never do business with Monro again, and I will be sure to let EVERYONE I know not to do business with you if you value your money and expect fairness and integrity from a repair shop. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

    Oh, I obtained another estimate for the repair work from a local, "non-national" shop, about $300 cheaper, installed and tax included, than the Monro estimate. Thank god for some honest people left in the world.

  • Sl
      12th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    i agree ive worked for them since 07 and its all about them they dont care about you at all.ive been sick and going to work sick doctors dont know what was up but i was so ill still recovering from it all and at work i would get dizzy and sick and try to get some air next thing i know is the maniger is yelling my name and says if your sick you need to tell me when it happends so i can say go out said man [censor] that im a grown man if i need to [censor] i do with out asking. one day i went to work felling very sick and tryed my best for no reason i really dont make much but still gave it my best and i really needed to go home so i ask if he could call the next shift in early he tells me hes to busy and for me to call now know i cant even sit without getting dizzy its not right. then not one minite latter he comes out and smokes a cigerett [censor] him next car pulls in and he want me to rotate the tires and change the oil and i did give him a hard time cause he had no care if i lived or he trying to be big boss on me i asked to be moved still no one has talk to me about it but my maniger and he says they want us to work it all out ok.since then in 2 weeks ive been getting more and more abused know has a report on me saying im under 35 hrs aweek and what r they going to do with me. this is for an avarge in 6 weeks know i went home sick the week before and called out the next work day witch knock it down under 35 but im really not. get me anyway he acts like you cant get sick [censor] not for notting but somthing will stop them.ill cut this in half i could go on and on but ill stop there

  • Ma
      10th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Walden Ave, Cheektowaga, NY...I've caught this company lying to me twice, and I'm now officially done with them. First, I was told that I had to use semi-synth oil in my car, or the manufacturer's warranty would be void. For an extra $10.00, I decided not to argue and had them do the oil change. The next day, I called the dealer, and they told me that regular oil was just fine, and that using it would in no way would void any warranty. The other day, I went in for a NY State Inspection. My car is a 2008 with 19, 000 miles, no I wasn't concerned. They failed the car because I needed new rear brakes...they said that due to mechanical failure, the brakes had rust on them, and I had to replace them. I took it to another shop, they did the inspection, passed it, and then laughed out loud when I told them that Monroe had tried to sell me rear brakes. What a bunch of friggin' crooks!

  • Ad
      7th of Nov, 2010
    +2 Votes

    MONRO MUFFLER BRAKES is a big company, yet they don't pay to the people who work there. They mark up parts where you can get from any of your auto parts store for cheaper. They mark up the parts so high that they think they can do it like the dealership does. Wrong! There labor rate is the highest of right now which is $116. Rip off. and it's still going to climb. The company doesn't appreciated the hard work that the techs do for the company. As the President of the company gets richer for sitting on his [censor], everyone else suffers because the company rips people off. Customers are right. It wasnt about the customers before it was all about making Bank for the company. The company is shady.

    Be aware people who go to Monro Muffler and brake. One of the news station did a sting on a couple of shops. One included Monro. they sent a car to the shop to get it checked out knowing that the car is in good top order. Monro had told the customers that it need this and that replace. but the car was already inspected before and had nothing wrong with it. The shop had told it need this and that replace trying to scam the customers and they where caught! I read a statement that came from one of those rich people from the company, stating that if any customer ask anyone who works at Monro Muffers and brakes about the incident on the news, they should deney it and say i dont know anything about it. i mean c'mon wtf??? WOW f"ing crooks. Lie to customers to make more money for the guy on top? This company is about our loyal customers blah blah blah. full of BS!! we don't care about the customer we care about that money. well yup thats all folks. this company sucks balls, people work there dont get paid shi.t! they are promised a raise yet they never get it or when they question about it its like 'oh well, i help and try and say something about your raise but they dont care, they only care about their salary.

  • Th
      12th of Nov, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I just started working there on Monday. By the end of the day I knew this place was not for me. I am currently looking for another job. Its a complete joke how based on mileage alone, that struts need to be replaced, or something else needs to be replaced. Every car that gets pulled in gets a tire rotation, and a whole slew of other things checked out. You can spend 1 hour going over the car and tearing everything apart and trying to recommend things, then the manager comes out and says " just an oil change", so now I just spent 2 hours waiting to put oil in a car. Then the guy has the nerve to say that "we have to find a way to get you moving". The place is a complete rip-off, theres no way I'm going to lower my morals just to try and make money off nonsense and bogus repairs. These places GAVE auto mechanics a bad name, but it still amazes me how some techs can work there for years. Also they want the techs to make a minimum of $4000 a week in sales, there is no way in hell that i can "Honestly" turn that much up for the volume of cars I've done. Plus the store i'm working at has a bunch of broken equipment, so an alignment that normally takes a half hour turned into over and hour because the machine is broke, AND it doesnt even give you the right number for the toe, so I drive away with the cars and the steering wheel is crooked. These places are really bad, and should be closed down for bad business practices.

  • Th
      14th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    At least you didn't get $1, 000 in stuff stolen out of my trunk while getting my tires rotated, and they said they didn't do it. IDIOTS. NEVER GO THERE AGAIN. They messed with the wrong Person I am going to sue them in small claims court for this.

  • Wh
      24th of Nov, 2010
    +3 Votes

    This place is a joke, I saw on TV they were advertising only $20 for an oil change so i'm like cool only a few more $$$ and i won't have to do it myself...

    Well I make an "appointment" at noon I come in and im the first customer yet they take forever to even put my car on the lift then they do all the tests and all i want is an oil change but apparently i'm missing a tie rod, my control arms are all messed up, my transmission fluid is burnt, I need my tires rotated and something they couldn't really explain was wrong with my fuel system. My car is an 04 impala with not that many miles on it and runs perfectly fine yet all I want is a dam oil change and im getting pressured into paying $700 for things i never thought i needed...well lucky me, im young and naive i know but the lady behind me (who i guess knows about them) told me they milked her for every cent and warned me when the guy returned with my estimate i told him i didnt have that kind of money and just wanted the oil change...reluctantly he agreed to just doing that he said i'd fail my inspection for sure but my inspection was 2 months ago and it passed without a problem. Funny he practically begged me to use the "better" oil which was $10 more expensive so i did just to settle him down and get the hell out.

    Oh and the best part is a day or two after this im coming home from work and my car starts shaking...yea sorry i didnt fall for your scam but ya didnt have to wreck my car to oh well ill go to an honest place and they'll get my money you so desperately wanted.

  • Du
      9th of Dec, 2010
    +3 Votes

    i have been working for monro for almost two years. in that time ive worked at two shops. the first shop i was at was awesomely horrible, as in i got the job with a bunch of people that i used to work at sears with and it was fun to work with them, just not the boss. abusive, lazy, disrespectful, douche-bad. a genuine [censor]. everyday was a csreaming match about how i didnt do my job right. FROM DAY ONE he didnt like me because i wasnt a push-over and i actually stood up for myself. after dealing with a year of tyranny i put in for a transfer and wanst granted it. a month later same thing. finally after being in lymbo for 4 mmonths i got told i could transfer and become "shop forman" which means shop [censor]. no pay raise or anything. i make more hourly as a tech with only 2 A.S.E. certs than i do as acting manager. i was promised the world when i transfered and all i got was another lazy, sloppy, abusive, backstabbing [censor] for a boss. i know the mark-up on parts. it i literally 250-350% depending on what the manager thinks he can get away with. i had an elderly women with a 98 lumina that needed brakes lines and calipers and a bunch of stuff for inspection. my "boss" quoted her almost $2800 and she was astounded. he also said she couldnt drive the car home due to its safety issues. while waiting for a ride i talked to the woman and apologized for my boss and told her i would take care of it for about $1000 on the books so i cant get fired for "stealing" and she agreed to do it. that job still had a 72% gross margin coming down from the 99% it was before. i got written up for this and was told if i undermined my boss again i would be terminated. this is a [censor] company who pretends to be your friend and just wants to screw you. they dont care about the techs they just care about money. at an hourly $95 charge for services it is not worth it to waste you money. i have been looking for new jobs so if anyone in rhode island knows of any post it. i work in one of the rhode island monros and i dont care who reads this or if i get fired for it it would be doing me a favor so i dont need to talk to the [censor] manager im putting in my 2 weeks.
    thanks for listening

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