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Moneybookers (or Skrill) is just a trap..

To open an account and / or put money, it's sooo easy, come on!

When it comes to withdrawal, they are not happy anymore, they say :
Oh no!!! you became a bad boy NOW so, for security reasons (that we forgot to take into account when you came and put your money in our deep dark hole) your account is locked (maybe sucked?), and to unlock it you need to provide us a colored scan of your YESTERDAY'S SPOONS (and maybe eggs too?), hopefully you didn't anticipate that, so they keep the jackpot in your account.

And when you try to contact them: by email, you get copy-paste or automatic / robot response, or by phone ( after : if you are happy press 1, if you give up press 2...) you get a novice that says : I don't know - I will tell our security department about your case !

Their SUCKIRITY department is just a bogus excuse to hide them selves and do what they want quietly.
Anyway, their new name will not help to make up their image, Skrill in icelandic means mob, rabble, rout ! Fair choice !!!
They are just MONEYSUKERS (or SUCKRILL).

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  • Ma
      Jun 04, 2012

    They should be renamed as moneysuckers. ###! I know exactly what your talking about. They are fascists pigs. Changing the behaviour of a scorpion is like changing the behaviour of Bankster.

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  • Sb
      Jul 24, 2013

    I agree with you. I'm just been a victim. My account was blocked and the account of a other person too. For which reason, mystery.
    Its impossible to get an answer. But they just replied and show their rules : "They can blocked account without notification".
    Because I just saw there are mistake in some transactions, so I notified them and ask them to cancelled them. few hours after, the 2 accounts were blocked with all our money and why ? Impossible to no. Their system made a mistake and transferred the money to the wrong person; its enough to closed 2 accounts ? When there are any mistake, we should said nothing ?

    They repeat and repeat: : because of security, they closed our account and can't do anything for reimbursement. That's a ###ing team. Don't care about their customer, they scam and stole our money. They abuse us with their rules. But as they don't explain or give any explanation; we customers can do anything; just send mails and send again...but in final, we receive always the same answer.

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  • Ve
      Oct 07, 2017

    i have seen also some wrong bank location showing in there emails when withdraw money skrill i am using from last 2 years 6 months bank its good now recently not good i have seen so many fraud complains about skrill .. recently i withdraw money 800 usd on 3rd october still not received money .. my bank account verified 2 years back that time i received funds successfully also now i didnt touched nothing that account same account i withdraw money still not received they send emails when i click withdraw funds that emails 1 email showing bank location name different another email bank account 2 digits omitted still i am in confusing will i receive funds or not ? i wrote email no response how take action on them .. they are sucking money world wide its better to create face book page all the victims by

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