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I have been trying to open an account with them and after 6 weeks, they are still pondering the risk of doing business with me. In the meantime, it took me 5 days to open an account with 2co. This company is run like the worst public service you can think of. Slow customer service. Takes them 2-3 days to respond to any inquiry, they keep on adding requests, the process to be a merchant is not clear and they drag it on and on. Probably a good partner if your idea of banking is a Swiss bank but not really a business partner.
I wish there would have been a clear procedure on their websites on how to proceed to open an merchant account with them and I wouldn't have bothered.
They tempt you in offering the security of a British regulated bank and you get a 19th century bureaucracy.

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      4th of Sep, 2012

    Do not use moneybookers (skrill) if you are in the US. They are completely inept and will close your account if any of your customers have used a gambling site - even once. Which will happen at some point guaranteed. So essentially US citizens cannot use moneybookers for any reason whatasoever. Yes that is right... if you get money from a person that at some point (even just once) visited a poker website you will lose your account. They have an abusrd and incorrect interpretation of US law.

    So based on that I would avoid like the plague. They are a nightmare. Even with paypal's issues Paypal is 1000 times better.

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