Moneybookers / don't go anywhere near skrill - moneybookers

United Kingdom

I had an account with them but recently when I transferred some money to my account in order to transfer to a third party. I can't see the money in my account even after 4 days so I called their expensive 0870 no in order to realise that my account is locked and they need a utility bill to prove my address so I gave them but after that they asked me the COLOURED copy of PASSPORT to unlock my account. I declined to give coloured copy of my passport so they said they cannot unlock my account.
Finally I have to give them the coloured copy of the bank statement from where I send money to them in order to return the money to my bank. I closed my account after they returned money to my account. It took a month and so many expensive calls and email to get money back. They made it as difficult as possible to withdraw money from the account
In the days of identity theft is so common; they need coloured copies of key identity document and utility bills for unlocking my account. They didn't ask these document when you open the account but will ask once your money with them.
We all are aware of hacking of well known companies and their customer details in public domain in the past so what is guarantee for our documents? Forget the hackers; their scrupulous staff may misuse the details
Customer support is arrogant, expensive and useless. If you going to use them be prepared to hand over your coloured identity documents


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