Monarch Dentalneglect/rude

I went to get a tooth abstract February 2018 at Monarch Cedar Hill tx. I lost antibiotics before prescription was completed. I called the office and they set up an appointment to get a prescription refilled. I went in to a new Dentist I never saw before . She looked at my x rays and had me to open my mouth and started back tracking everything my last doctor that did the removal of my tooth Feb 2018 saying why does she has the labeled as (some code number) this is not a (code number) and start digging in my mouth while she asking me rudely why do you have so much plaque on your teeth. Then start digging in a tooth that did not hurt and last appointment only needed a crown. So I have been calling and complaining but respectfully about the situation and office manager Mario was very chalant and rude already having his mind set to it was my fault because my teeth were not were they were supposed to be, but if the dentist never dug in it when I was just there for a prescription refill I would of made it to get my crown. I was told that there was nothing that they could do and and I knew my teeth were bad when I came

Jun 06, 2018

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