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stay away from these guys

2 years ago my son was diagnosed with a cavity which a filling was done on only a few months later I was told it needed to be removed because his root was almost gone.

I tried to understand how it got this far out in condition they mentioned a root canal could save it so long as he placed a cap after so we finally got sent to a specialist who preform root canal then got a scheduled appointment to get cap but to no surprise, I was told a cap couldn’t be put on cause of the amount of damage to tooth.

So after time and money spent I’m back to square one but they have managed to make money off of me and insurance.

Now they said we need to remove tooth and suggested an implant really confused as to why I’m being put through all this.

Rude Service

Bottom line the customer service at Monarch Dental at North Richland Hill is poor. The lady who did the x-rays was rude and rough when handling. Also she did not take x-rays properly and had to redo them. Also the lady who is supposed to go over the treatment plan was rude. It was too much of a bother for her to bring a copy of the treatment plan for the patient (which she did not bring even when asked to), she just kept reading and talking from her sheet and when asked to explain things, she retorted.. " it's not hard to know these things" as if I am a dentist or someone in the field who should know this. In the end, they gave me a $4000 bill and referred outside to 3 other specialist. Basically all the work I needed done, would NOT be done at this office but they would send me to other docs to do the work and pay there and charge me $4000 at this office for nothing!

All I have to say is, if you don't like talking to people and providing customer service, you should not be in a field of customer service. I will not be going back here because of the poor service. If I were the owner I would fire these people as they are the cause for losing customers.

dental work

My daughter went to get her braces off and they wanted to charge us 800.00 to take her braces off. We were told that the braces would be taken off for free. We are very unhappy with the services and the rude people at this location. Mrs. Washington is a bad name for Monarch Dental. She does not know what she is talking about at all. The braces have done nothing for my child's teeth. We were told that she had cavities and the dentist said she did not have them. Mrs Washington also said that certain teeth needed to be pIlled dentist said no way. My daughter went to get her braces off because of bad services and poor dental outcome from the braces and they told her she would have to pay the $800.00 She nor I is going to pay the $800.00 and the braces need to come off for FREE that is what other dental offices have told us they had to do. I will file charges get the news involved and let every person in several school districts and put word out there real fast. If you do not contact them immediately get back with me with a appointment to have this done for free. We need to move on to a different dental care. Thanks Rhonda [protected]@aol.com or [protected] is my cell number. This is Ill ### and if you cant resolve this than I know what I will need to do next and Monarch Dental will no longer be in business and charges will be filed against Monarch and Mrs Washington.

over billing

I have not been to Monarch in two years and I just received a collection notivce from a collection agency...



I am an up HAPPY customer with your orthodontist dept. I HAVE NOT SMILE AT ALL SINCE MY BRACE HAS BEEN REMOVED I going to the location on Fannin in Houston Tx. I have gum tissue between several of my teeth very noticeable in the front, i have spoken to the orthodontist regards to this problem several time she advise me that its common with brace to make you gums swell. She advise me that once my brace are off go to a specialist to get it removed Periodontics, wrong if removed I WILL HAVE GAP, , GAPS GAP BETWEEN MY TEETH. My brace has been off for 3months gum tissue is very noticeable and I have visit my general dentist and was advised that ortha should of recommend me to get that remove before my brace on or I could of removed the wires to have that tissue removed. To have the smile with result with no space I have to PAY for tissue remove (no problem with that) and get brace or AGAIN or invisine line( it look like retainer ). This is unfair I totally feel in my heart that I have waste my money on brace only result or at the bottoms .I ask the ortha to let me see a picture before and after she never has the picture. PELASE DO NOT GO THERE!!!

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notice of refund but no payment

Monarch Dental sent the first notice of a refund in Feb 2011. The notice said bring the notice to the office and a refund check would be sent within 7-14 days. 4 months later I recieved the same notice and recieved the same answer but was also told the second notice was a mistake. 3 weeks after recieving the second notice I was told at the office visit that they were still trying to verify if the refund was for the payient or the insurance company. They said they would not give a corperate office phone number or a point of contact to talk to about the notice.

Very disappointed in the managment of this company!

don't go there

My husband and I were going to them. I at the time had previously seen another dentist that told me I had two cavities and pretty over all good mouth health. My husband needed more extensive work but was just a few extra regular cleanings. was moving. I looked through my insurance book, and called and scheduled. Had no idea at all it was a corporate office. The answer like they are just a small office. Went in and and before I left that day she did 6 molars in one side of my mouth. The same for my husband. Also says he has perio disease and needs 3, 500 dollars worth of treatments. I looked up pictures of perio disease, he just needs a good cleaning. No she is unwilling to treat my husband due to "no compliance of reccomended care" even though my insurance says that it doesn't fall in to the ADA guidelines for perio disease. Screw them, charged 200+ dollars each filling. BTW...I am on medicare.

  • Mj
    mjz4043 Oct 27, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I need some dental work & called them today to get a better idea of what they charge for various procedures, but you have certainly scared me off.

    I do not need this kind of grief.

    Keep spreading the word...sounds like a very shady operation.

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I should have listened to the complaints all over the internet about monarch before giving them my $

They suck you in with a cheap first visit. Mine cost only $25 for the initial exam and x-rays, and for a...


After hearing an ad on the radio for Monarch offering a "special" for new patients and given that I...

bogus billing

Modern dental prof-dfw/dba monarch complaint: I went there because they had a $50 coupon on their website...

unethical billing

I have not been to the Monarch Dental office since 2009 and the will not see me because they say that I was turned over for collections. I had nothing but problems with their billing office! I don't think they know what they are doing! They over charged me, could not get their pricing right, ordered a lower partial for me when all I wanted was a set of upper teeth and then tried to charge me for them. If you go to the Smithville office please get everything in writing because they will screw it up!!

horrid office manager

Had a root canal done in one office. Great dentist and office staff. Had double insurance and they verified with the secondary insurance that I had already met my deductible.

Had the crown done at another office. Great dentist. Office manager overcharged for the crown. I told her I wouldn't owe that much as I had double insurance, but she insisted and I wanted to get it done, so I paid. She said she would immediately refund the balance if I was correct, but then she wanted to collect the deductible the other office didn't collect. I told her I met the deductible three months prior on a filing. She said she would wait to collect the deductible until she heard from the secondary insurance.

After secondary insurance paid on crown, it proved I overpaid by $70. I tried to get a refund, but she again claimed I owed the deductible for the other office. I showed her the EOB from the filing proving the deductible was met. She said would refund overpayment.

Three weeks went by and no refund. Secondary insurance sent the payment on the root canal direct to me. I called that office and paid the balance. I said I should have a credit, but they informed me the other office had recharged the deductible again. Called the office manager, again. She claimed I still owed yet another $50 for the deductible on the root canal. I reminded her I had shown her the EOB for the filing where I met the deductible and that I had paid the entire balance remaining at the other office. She claimed that was just what was left after my primary insurance paid and I still owned another $50 in deductible. If I paid the balance in full, irregardless of insurance, how can I still owe yet more? I need to get in on this racket.

West Valley has great staff and dentists. Ogden has great dentists, but I'll be staying away because of this office manager. I could take the matter to court, but with time off work and the frustration factor, I can't justify if for $70. Lesson learned.

  • Im
    imannoyed Jul 19, 2012

    you are not the first who get con by them, but $ 70 dollar here and $ 120 their, it all adds up. my is $600, I'm thinking, we all should get together and let Monarch know this is not the way to do business, also we as consumer is not going to take it any more.
    (I'm in Dallas TX. I don't know how it would be if you are not in TX, but I can find out about that), if any one is fed up with this kind of abuse, let me know.

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incompetent people

Monarch in humble, [email protected] 1960 bypass is one sorry location. They can't get their billing codes correct for insurance payment, it comes back on you through collections. They qoute you one thing and end up being charged something the insurance company want pay because of wrong coding. I have talked to the insurance company on several occasions to verify why bill was not covered. Answer, in short order monarch was not coding and sending correct information. Suchas xrays, improper wording in verification of services. I was getting another estate plate today 1/11/11 to replace the one that broke and they took me in for xrays, then took me in a room for an upper impression. Before that could take place maria (Monarchs'supervisor) came in and wanted me to pay first, which had never happen before with all the breaks I have had with their poor lab. Words to the wise please find you another dental agency.

  • Th
    thymeless Feb 25, 2013

    Quoted one amount. charged another. Only in the medical field can you be given unauthorized. charges and be expected to pay them. insurance billings were higher than office billings. and added, fraudulent charges were chucked onto my statements. Abilene TX

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fraud - overcharged

This office has overcharged us for services ever since we began going there about 9 years ago. The first time...

totally unprofessional

Went in for mild toothache. Dr. was unable to see which tooth was bad even with an x-ray. They blew air into the tooth causing the nerves to become painful. Dr. stated the tooth had a small crack in it and wanted to do a crown and all this other stuff. When I asked for a second opinion the Dr. had an attitude and even though I ask her to not tell the other Dr. what she had found, that did not happen because the other Dr. also had an attitude with me. They asked if I had seen the crack and when I thought they were going to put die in it so I could see the crack, they blew air in it again instead, causing great pain. After leaving the office the tooth became extremely painful, so much so that my husband had to call them to call in a prescription. They would not let us speak to the Dr. and stated she would not give me anything that I was to just take Tylenol or ibprophen. After my husband called back again asking for some help. They finally said they would call in a prescription after the Dr. was done with another patient. An hour and half later the prescription was never called in and of course the office was closed. When my husband called them the next morning they said that they could not get through and or they kept hanging up at the Wal-Mart we asked them to call. Even though the Wal-Mart pharmacy has an answering machine to leave prescriptions on. I then asked them to send it to another location, which they said they would. I then called the Monarch main office to file a complaint and when they put me on hold to find out if the prescription was called in they told me that I was to just take 800mg Motrin because the Dr. was not call anything in. Do not go to this express, drive thru, hurry up, back yard dentist organization. They take your money, herd you through after long wait times and quick I don't care diagnosis. They either do not teach bed side manners and patient care or this place did not attend the class. Totally unprofessional. Spreads the word, save your money, time and most important save yourself some PAIN.

avoid them

Avoid! I left a $100.00 deposit at Monarch Dental towards an exam/cleaning needed. When I scheduled the appointed I was told that, they had transferred that money towards an account which I had in the past & was billed for 2&1/2 years after patient was seen and owed on, but was making payments towards as agreed with them., I was told that they would not see me or transfer the money back unless I paid the $75.00 owed from old account. I never authorized them to use the deposit of the cleaning for that. I told the girl I also needed to see the dentist for work I had done a month prior and paid almost $3, 000.00 for, since my tooth was bothering me & didn't want 2 much time to lapse so it would be covered and she told me No, until I paid the $75 owed, I told her that was already paid for and she said No, I then asked her for the corporate number and she said she could not give it to me, so I asked for the managers name and she said she could not give the last name. I told her to have the manger call me & she said she couldn't call me she already told her what to say. I don't know what kind of customer service they call this, when they won't give you information, the manager refuses to speak to you, and they don’t honor their word /procedures after you have paid for it.

only interested in charging extra

Went in for normal 6 month cleaning, NEVER miss.I arrived early but they they kept me waiting for my 8:30 appointment until almost 9:00. Then instead of the normal cleaning/evaluation, x rays the "hygienist" said I had to get up out of the chair (with the ridiculous napkin around my neck)before she went any further, to discuss payment with the receptionist.I told her I wanted to get my teeth cleaned as my insurance provides this 2 times a year.I refused to make any payment arrangements. I never even saw a dentist.I will NEVER go back.

poor service

Monarach dental ridgmar mall, fort worth, I made an appt to have teeth cleaned, they never indicated that my first visit I would not see the hygenist but would only have xrays and see the dentist who just poked around in my mouth. My ins. Only pays for 1 set of xrays a year now I will have to have another set at my expense cause they charge to get a copy of them. I feel I was mislead on the first visit and scammed. They could offer no explanation and did not want to give me my xrays. Would never recommend them to anyone.

  • An
    angryconsumer123 Apr 27, 2011

    Same experience! poor communication. dishonest marketing (their website they understand you are busy, super busy). They make you wait without telling you "oh by the way, we never signed you up for an actual cleaning today." Then they try to charge you close to twice what you'd have to pay for a cleaning at private practice. just a bunch of dishonest, disrespectful greedy jerks. It is clear they are set up to rip off people that they have issues getting to pay them. And I sure wish they'd get a decent translated Spanish recording in their outgoing message.

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  • Sm
    Smith, C. Jul 15, 2014

    Apparently they have not changed over the years. It's 2014 and Monarch is still operating the same way. I went to see the one on Camp Wisdom in Dallas, TX to have a root canal done. This was done successfully and everything went well. Monarch called me back and said that since I was in for an emergency, I needed to come back for a cleaning and exam. I scheduled it for 3:00 on 7/11. Got to my appointment about 5 minutes late. They get to me around 3:30 and took a bunch of x-rays (every direction possible). The dentist came in, probed around my teeth and looked at the pictures. An hour later, I am told that the hygienist will be in 20 minutes from that point to do my periodontal analysis and determine what plan I needed and what the cost will be. I told them that I had come for a cleaning and had another appointment at 5:30. At that point, I was finally told that they never planned on doing my cleaning on the 11th. That I would have to re-schedule to come back in to get the analysis done first and then schedule the actual cleaning for a third day. Totally ridiculous!!! Very much a bait and switch operation.

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useless dental care

I went to Monarch as an emergency referral as my office is without a dentist, I went two time assuming that they were going to pull the tooth that was hurting, after paying 122.00 upon my arrival for the second appointment, they just had the periodontist take x-rays and give me drugs for the tooth with subsequently fell out on its own three days later, now I'm getting a bill for the portion which was billed to Cigna and Cigna already paid - they are crooks, stay away from Monarch Dental, i agree, they only want your money and would rather drug you up than make you feel better.

awful service

I had been a customer of Monarch for over 16+ years and this year I finally had enough. The lack of service I experienced in 2009 was incredible. I had an appointment scheduled for a cleaning & exam for June. The day before I received a message at home (not work or cell) to tell me the hygienist had to take the morning off and I would get an exam and in the morning & cleaning in the after. Seriously? I have a job, so that didn't work for me and I called and left them a message to call me back to reschedule. Never heard back from them. Called them 2 more times in June & July left messages to re-schedule that appointment with no return phone call. Finally, end of August I was able to get a hold of someone who told me "they were short handed and that is why they didn't return calls". Needless to say during my visit I had yet another new Dentist, Hygienist still pronounced my name wrong (again) and I told I needed to have an inlay. The incompetent desk lady provided me an inaccurate estimate which indicated I would pay 55% of the procedure which I did when it was done in December. When I had questions about procedures or insurance she couldn't answer them. Now, I have spend 6 months trying to discuss with them an outstanding bill since Insurance didn't pay, but again the phone number provided is never answered and they refuse to call me back. This is not the first time I have had an inlay and I have the records that show what I have paid in the past. They simply do not care and clearly do not need business.

My terrific new dentist is close to my home, sends a request to the insurance for a estimate prior to doing any work, gives free teeth whitening system, sends a thank you card after any service, and sends a birthday card. They even fixed my in-lay from Monarch free of charge.

  • Fb
    fblount Feb 14, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have not been to Monarch in two years and I just received a collection notivce from a collection agency stating that I owe money, with no explanation of what the bill was for. When I spoke with the Layton Monarch in 2011 I was told that there was no outstanding balance. Trying to get with them to find out what the bill is for is proving difficult.

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