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I visited the Moes location on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, NY on Monday, September 3rd around 9:00 pm. The black girl that was waiting on us had a miserable attitude and would not even crack a smile. My boyfriend asked for refried beans and politely pointed to them through the case and she very rudely said something like " yea, I know which ones they are". Not necessary. She seemed to be bothered by waiting on a customer. We were not welcomed when we walked through the door and we were the only customers in there. I used your bathroom and it smelled like literal [censored]. This was my first time in a Moe's and I have to say Chipotle's customer service blows yours away. I don't normally write complaints but I feel compelled to in this circumstance, especially after paying $18.00 for a quesadillia, chips and a soda.

Sep 05, 2018
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  • An
      Sep 23, 2018

    Ok. Whose bright idea was it to discontinue the taco shell bowls for the salads? Went last night and was surprised to hear they're not carrying them anymore. Why? Several of my friends and I order them and we ended up walking out, especially when we saw a customer that was eating her salad and it looked pathetic in size. We are not happy about this. Now there's no reason for any of us to go there. Why would we spend that kind of money for a salad? I really hope someone can answer why they discontinued them!

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  • Be
      Feb 27, 2019

    This is not the 50's. You cannot go around degrading blacks by referring to them as boys and girls when they are over 18. Also it is washroom. What do you expect it to smell like. Roses? When you act like a child you have no right calling grown women girls.

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  •   Feb 27, 2019

    She probably knew you were a racist pig so she beat you to the punch. You know, non racist whites such as myself suffer the brunt of this action thanks to people like you. It sucks. We can't tell them we personally didn't do anything wrong to them because that only gets them more irate.

    So thanks, dick.

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