Moes, E/W Connector, Austell GA / poor service, wrong order, overcharged, rude & slow employees

This Austell GA location is fairly new however is likely the worst overall location in America. Every aspect of this location is horrible or at minimum disappointing. The items I describe below are consistent after 4 visits. I will never return to this location.
-They never greet anyone with "Welcome to Moes!" Not once, to anyone.
-There is never a manager in the building.
-ALL the employees are untrained and rude.
-ALL the employees are slow, very slow. As if they are intentionally slower than normal.
-The food prep area is a mess. Random food pieces are mixed in with other items. Chicken in the steak, cheese and lettuce in everything. Steak in the black beans.
-They overcharge every time if you ask for guacamole in a cup.
-The chips are visibly oily and gross.
-The salsa bar has been a giant disgusting mess every time. While also unmaintained, they couldn't get anyone over to replenish the stock before my family finished dinner.
-The floor area in front of the salsa bar and fountain drinks area is really gross. The rugs are saturated with food, melted ice and spilled drinks.

Hopefully the owner of this franchise location will see these comments and pop in for a surprised visit during dinner hours.
FYI, Willie's is 100% better.

Jul 30, 2018

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