Mitsubishidefective dlp tv

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I have a wd-57734 thats just over 2yrs old, it has a defective dmd chip and there's thousands of white dots all over the screen.
I had a repairman come out to figure out the problem, I was told the chip in no way should go out in just 2yrs and it was defective.
I contacted Mitsubishi several times and they will not help even get a replacement part, they also wanted me to pay $150.00 for a repairman of thiers to come out to check the problem, I had already paid $80.00 for the same thing but they won't accept that so now I have a tv that I paid alot for and can't watch. Terrible service, faulty products, stay away from mitsubishi dlp tv's or you'll have to buy again in a couple of years!



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      Mar 14, 2012

    I own the same Make and Model. I also have thousands of dots across my tv. Unfortunately my TV is out of warranty and they want to have a certified Mitsubishi repairman come replace the chip at a cost of $300 to me. Mitsubishi will pick up the tab for the replacement chip. I paid $1600 for my TV and I have already replaced a bulb which I do consider normal wear and tear but I am not sinking another penny into this faulty product. I was hoping someone knew of a class action lawsuit we could file to get replacement TV's. My only advice to you is to continue to call and contact the Better Business Bureau to report them.

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      Oct 27, 2012

    ive got the white dots too. very angry

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      Aug 05, 2016

    Funny, I have a WD73737, had it for 4 years no problems, beautiful TV, then got maybe 10 white dots, called mitsubishi, they said it was some kind of engine that cost 2k, they supplied the part free, and I paid a tech to put it in 150.00. While there, he also upgraded firmware for me making TV look better after 4 years than it did when purchaesd. Whole process took 6 days from call to Mit to happy TV time.

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