MiniPocketRockets / fraud

The company promises in stock guareenteed next day shipping as the day progress and after the charge is puy thru they call and email you that unfortunatly the bike you ordered is not in stock BUT we do have a more expensive product/bike that is 100% in stock for a few dollars more of course they preying on the fact that this is for your childs Xmas gift so you say ok whats $60.00 or $100.00 more then they charge the addional to your card and promptly call and tell you that this is not in stockeither but we have a more expensive product in stock thats when you start getting nervous and relize that this is a total 100% BS so I dont know what to do at this point except hope that my bank will credit back my money we shall see all the minipocket bikes are the same all full of !!!d

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