Milanoo.comthe money you save is not worth the hassle of dealing with such a poor run and dishonest company

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I placed an order, which did not contain any custom made items, totaling almost $200 on oct 1st. They stated that the total time for my order to reach me would be 15-17 days. When I had not heard from them by the 19th of oct I emailed them regarding my order status. They stated one item was in the warehouse, and they were working hard to ensure that I would get my order by halloween. Okay I thought, at least they were polite. On the 23nd, my order still had not shipped so I contacted them again. This time I was told that my order would ship in two days if all went well. Things didn't go well, because it's the 26th and they have not shipped my order. I emailed them on the 25th requesting that my order be canceled per their policy which states that if the shipping is delayed on an order they will cancel and issue a refund. Mysteriously, when I requested that my order be canceled per their policy, they stated that they can't because it shipped on the 23td (they same day I contacted them and they said it hadn't). My order status page still shows that my order is being processed and I have not been given a tracking number. When I contacted them via live chat to ask why I haven't been issued a tracking number and why my order still shows its being processed the representative said she didn't know and told me to contact a supervisor (who weren't in at the time) in 12 hours. Basically they are giving me a roundaround so I cannot cancel my order. This is a sham company, stay far away from them. The money you save is not worth the hassle of dealing with such a poor run and dishonest company.

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      Jul 23, 2011

    I am so sorry to hear so many bad reviews about milanoo, I looked around milanoo for some time, however, I gave up my thought since I almost did not hear one good review. But I can not afford to a $1000 dress which I just wear for some hours. One of my friend recommend me which she have bought a prom dress there, My dress looks awsome, very well made, and the quality is very good.I am so excite when I received her. I know quite a few girls order their dresses from China because of its cheap price. I hope my experience can help you a little. 1)when you are interest in a dress and an online shop, you should google first to see if they have a lot of bad reviews.If yes, you can not buy from there 2)ask delivery date, if they say 15 days, you should give them 30 days in your mind(donot tell them) Hope my suggestions help you a happy shopping abroad.

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  •   Aug 03, 2011

    Dear Customers:

    On behalf of milanoom, we truly apologize for all the unpleasant experiences you've gone through us. Please leave your order number and your problem here, we will try our best to get your problem solved in
    a promt manner., so will you please kindly bear with us for a while, and we are sure to give you a reasonable solution. We are here just want to let you know that we are trying improve our products quality and service. so all your feedback will be valued..And you can also contact us by emai : [protected]
    Thank you for your patience.


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  •   Aug 03, 2011

    I am so sorry for the wrong email i give, here is the right email adress you can send your order promble to, [protected]

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