M Nov 26, 2017

I am extremely upset that my daughter was obviously close to being scammed at the Edwardsville, Illinois location. She is a college student away from home. Having always told our kids to be careful using mechanics out of town, as they can charge more or take advantage of younger customers. Her heater was not working and insisted on taking it to Midas before driving it over an hour to come home for the weekend. The mechanic at Midas said she had a bad leak and it would be $900 to fix, as well as telling her not to drive it. He even poured "something" in somewhere in her engine, telling her to watch under her car as it came immediately pouring out under her car. We told her we would come get her and bring the car home to our own mechanic. We drove it home just fine, our mechanic found No leaks anywhere, and fixed her heater for $68. Midas was absolutely trying to scam my daughter very blatantly. It was a good lesson for her, but I feel strongly that this location should be looked into. Thank you. Molly Mosely [protected]

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