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I Came to Midas for a standard oil change. I was told by the mechanic, my front struts were bad and leaking needed to be changed as soon as possible The mechanic told me I couldn't tell there leaking because mine has, showed me a rubber cap up above over the struts. I had the struts ordered $250.00 set it up to be fixed elsewhere, Midas to high in cost. The mechanic I went with let me know the Midas mechanic never wrote my struts were leaking and my front struts were fine. My mechanic told me my back strut was bad and leaking I had unconvinced my mechanic, ordering art had to pay to ship back. He had to order the back strut. I had felt pretty comfortable at Midas on Beechmont until this. I believe I was definitely trying to b takin advantage of ripped off. I had not been feeling good in pain too and wasted valuable time and my mechanics valuable time. Big Inconvience as well as a big disappointment I'm sure it was specified my struts were leaking because there was no leak. I had another mechanic check the front struts as well. This was absolutely no true the report Midas showed me and explained, wrote down. When Incalled to tell the manager he kept saying I wld have to see the car check it out. No Thankyou!! I may be made a fool of inconvenienced once and my personal mechanics but I will not let it happen twice. Very upsetting situation I experienced

Jun 05, 2018

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