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Microsoft Xbox Live / console banned

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My son was console banned from Xbox live yesterday without any notice or any reason when we called to ask what happened no specifics were given to us nor do they have too? He has had Xbox for years and very much enjoys playing online. I would like the specifics as to why my son was banned. As a parent that is my right and when microsoft allows minors to sign up for the live service without my consent verified? I feel the company is not very responsible to its minor consumers. They have no right to take his rights or mine away when they are not very responsible in the begining and expect these kids to read all those pages of terms and conditions which I printed up last night. They just want to play your games and with their friends. As a parent I feel I should have been notified if my child was in violation of these so, I could make a decision as to what? if any? violations were happening? What I should do to fix. I don't know because microsoft appearantly doesn't have to give you any answers or specifics? They can pick and choose how and who can stay on their network and of course keep their money too! Minors are called this because they need to be taught and guided not just punished and banned without any notice or explaination. Even our great legal system has to abid by this but, not microsoft? Apearently, Microsoft makes my parenting decisions for me. The way I see it you are not teaching these kids that when they get banned. They can go buy another console and pay you more money and get right back on the system. Wow! That's not really a bad system for you? Sounds like a really good system for your company? Where or what is the lesson being taught? After reading how to file complaints with your company it sounds like I could make any complaint about anyone if I wanted to get rid of a player if I didn't like them? I can do it right after each game I played? You don't think this is happening? If my child was swearing and that was the reason? Don't know though? The whole system should be shut down cause that's what the kids are all doing online. When you promote games like Call of Duty don't expect kids to say "Please" and "Thank you!" Maybe you should revisit complaints and violations and give these kids some sort of notice after a game if in violation so, they can learn proper behavior or have a chance to defend themselves! A very concerned parent!

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  • Wh
      9th of Jul, 2010
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    Generally they ban people for explicit things, racism, excessive swearing or threats. Or if the console has been modded/they are cheating.

    Take your son's gamertag (ask him, he'll know what it is) and go to the X-Box Live forums on and ask them there. They have a forum dedicated to people asking about bannings and stuff - if you are lucky they will tell you the reason. Be warned though: it could be something you didn't know and will not be proud of it. This kind of thing happens a lot and Little Jimmy is always defended right down to the bitter end.

    Prime example is one that made the rounds a couple of months prior - a very angry mother got on the Live forums demanding to know why her son was banned from using Live. The moderator searched the boy's gamertag and found the reason - he had been showing himself naked via the camera on UNO. A big no-no and the woman promptly stopped on the forums.

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