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Microsoft Xbox 360 / hardware failure

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Son bought Xbox360 on the first day available 11/05. It has had two hardware failures since then, both outside of 90 day warranty. Both times we have insisted that MS replace unit at no charge due to State of Maine law prohibiting limitation of implied warranty/merchantability for up to four years of coverage. Incidental and consequential damages are also NOT disallowed.

MS customer service is an oxymoron. They constantly try to get you to think there is nothing they can do and that you have not choice but to pay for all repair costs. Yet, I have them picking up my defective unit at their charge and have them replacing it with a new one. It DID take six phone calls and much time on phone on hold and non-English foreigners AND emailing the VP for MS Customer Service and Support.

PLEASE check you state's 'consumer protection' laws - either on web or by calling - because MOST states have laws on books giving you BETTER warranty than that stated in owner's manual. GET a copy of the law and BE persistent and UNWAVERING in your demands. The place where you purchased it is ALSO EQUALLY responsible to the buyer! Bring it back for a new/replacement unit and BRING THE LAW copy.

IF you had items delivered - they MUST pick up at their cost or repay you for shipping back (incidental and consequential damages/costs).

DO NOT EVER EVER EVER PAY FOR EXTENDED WARRANTY unless you already know what your state covers. These RIPOFFS are the biggest part of the store profits for a given item - check out to check this out!

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Rich Kaplan


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  • Ab
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    We purchased a xbox 360 game system for my son Christmas 2006 and the system has stopped working 1 year and 1 month after the purchase. The warranty on this product is 1 year. Surprise surprise!!! After speaking with a manager at GameStop we were told that there was an extended warranty issued by Microsoft because of the problems customers have had with these game systems. The warranty was for an additional 2 years. Evidently, there have been A LOT of problems with this system. I called the number given by the manager and was told the extended warranty only covers certain problems and mine, of course, was not included. I will have to pay an additional $99 for the repair of the system on top of the almost $1000 for the game system, accessories, and games that have been purchased just over a year ago. The public should demand that these large companies be held accountable for all of the problems that they obviously know about via the repairs that come in through their repair department. I just wanted to issue a complaint to let everyone know that I would never purchase another game system from Microsoft and hopefully give information to anyone thinking of purchasing one. I am also hopeful that if enough people issue complaints and speak up that something may be changed and maybe that they will not think of us as just another number and actually start thinking of us as customers.

  • De
      14th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have sent back 8 360s and they keep sending me refurbed stuff that works for like 2 days i think it is ridiculous 8 times 8 times some one please wtf can i do.

  • Ne
      12th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Call the better buisiness has a bully attitude when dealing with people and hardware problems...they will not budge on anything and are totally useless

    I have been talking with the BBB and they are actually being helpful..

    My original console lasted about 8 months before I got a new one and now after another 9 months will not read media and turns off randomly

    I called again and they said only the 3 red lights are covered for free...and I had to pay 100 bucks to get a new one.and when I refused to pay and asked for reasons why they would not stand behind their product I got the usual sorry sir B.S...and she even had the nerve to tell me that it sounds like the three red lights are probably going to happen and to call back when that happens.But it won't read any cds, if I can't use it how are the red lights going to happen!

    I for one have had it with Microsoft and will be going to get a nice new PS3 (That will work for more than a few months)...If you want to get back at microsoft, just spread the word.Let anyone who is thinking about buying a system know that the 360 is a pile of CRAP and the support sucks!!!

    I hope their next console flops!

  • Ej
      18th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Same thing happen to me. I pay all that money and my system been to Microsoft twice and still today my xobox live is not working. Yes, the customer support SUCK!!

  • Le
      26th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I really loved the brief time that i have gotten to use my 360
    but it doesn"t work now an i can"t find any one to fix it!!!
    this is B.S can you help?

  • Ry
      7th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    i got the 3 red lights i got the old your warrentee has run out sir u must pay £65 to fix it and then said i had to use a credit card which i dont have so im writing a complaint email and letter to every available microsoft division till i get an answer as the one that went to xbox support replied and i quote "to check on your xbox repair please vist " that was it i wrote a big email comlaining of my problem the lousy support i recieved and asking for answers on what to do next to get it fixed and thats what i got what a jip how do they survive on repeat custom ??.

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