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Microsoft Billing Bill. Ms. Net WA / fraudulent billing on card

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In January 2010, my 15 year old son used his pre-paid bank card to purchase an item on the internet from X-BOX--which he thought was a ONE-TIME purchase. Afterwards, they charged his card for 3 consecutive months--one of which didn't go thru due to no funds being on the card at the time of last billing in MAY. I called the 1-800 number and FINALLY got a live person who then told me that my son 'agreed' to the monthly service (which was written in small print) so "he was responsible for all charges". I told them to CANCEL his 'membership' IMMEDIATELY, as he was UNDER the age of consent and I subsequently CANCELLED his pre-paid card as well. However, I opened ANOTHER card with a ZERO balance for my son thru the same channel as his last card, and in July 2010, FOUR charges from "Microsoft billing WA" appeared on his NEW account. When I contacted my credit card company, they confirmed it was an 'internet address' associated with X-BOX and that since it was 'channeled' thru his old card number, X-BOX received the updated new card number and that my son must've opened a NEW account with them. I told them this was NOT POSSIBLE as I have had this card in MY possession the entire time since receiving it in the mail HENCE there being NO FUNDS on the card to begin with, for them to collect! I tried to put a block on "Microsoft billing WA" but since they weren't able to withdraw any funds, my credit card company told me there was no way to "dispute" their charges AND that this was an 'address' that my credit card company could NOT put a block on. I closed this pre-paid card PERMANENTLY.

Since then, I did some research on this "Microsoft billing WA" 'address' only to find NUMEROUS websites with NUMEROUS complaints against this 'company', ALL of them describing the SAME situation I encountered--with varying AMOUNTS of MONEY being STOLEN from their accounts!! The only difference being that I was LUCKY that my son's card was a PRE-PAID card and "Microsoft billing WA"was UNABLE to STEAL any money from my account due to there being NO FUNDS in the new account!! Since this was all done thru internet transactions, I do not have printed records of this incident HOWEVER my credit card company has EVERYTHING on FILE should my complaint need any 'evidence' to substantiate this complaint.

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  • Li
      28th of Jul, 2010
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    I am going through the exact situation right now with this company. My son is under the age to consent to anything and apparently through XBOX he entered a credit card and now Microsoft has charged the account 4 times in just one day. I contacted the credit card company and I am unable to put a payment stop until the actual amounts have physically kicked into the account then I have to contact them back and place a dispute against this company. I just cannot believe how XBOX could even offer such a easy thing knowing that most are underage kids and how easy it is for kids to fall into such a situation and us as parents/adults have to take full responsibility that Microsoft places these kids into.
    I will once and for all get these charges returned to the credit card and this company will also be placed on STOP on future transaction as well so they can no longer take more money out.

  • Da
      25th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I just seen a charge in my account and I dont understand what it is. I don't use the XBOX or any other game system, so I wonder what this charge could be from???

  • Do
      30th of Sep, 2010
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    what is the best number to call to get ahold of these robbers. I just found a charge on my card putting me into overdraft. I need to call someone when I get off work. Who do you suggest. The bank or Microsoft?

  • Pa
      3rd of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have the same experience with this company. probably in May my son of 13, who has an Xbox, did sign up for a two-months' free subscription which he did apparently did not cancel before the deadline. For reasons unknown to me in July the subsequent charges are debited against my credit card. When disputing the charges the second time, my bank insisted that someone in the household, presumably my son, is disclosing the number of the new credit card to the Microsoft billing WA. I did get in touch with the company and was able to convince them to close my son's Xbox account. Great was my surprise that yesterday I learned that he same charge appered again on my credit card statement as of October 30. The bank has the same position regarding the disclosure of the new credit card number as the card was only activated by me less than two weeks before. Getting in touch with the billing department is a nightmare! I tried twice yesterday and was in the waiting line for over half an hour every time before deciding to hang up. Has anyone an a suggestion how to deal with this company, as it seems to me that it is there where the problem lies.

  • Mb
      11th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    I have called Microsoft billing and tried to cancel the continuous billing off my own debit card. They told me that once we enter the xbox live prepaid yearly card we bought my son for christmas, there would be no more billing on my debit card. WRONG... I am continuing to be billed... I was billed this month TWICE... I am so stressed out on this... They are no help on the phone... and I found another charge on my debit card this morning for I DON'T KNOW WHAT FOR.. my son never has anything charged to my debit card through microsoft for ANYTHING without asking me first... he is very responsible in this aspect and microsoft is ripping people off...

  • Bu
      5th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    These guys are scammers of the WORST kind. First they KNOW darn well that a vast majority of XBox gamers are kids under 18. They know the kids do not read the fine print. They induce them into recurring charges knowing full well they will get several months worth before they are caught and stopped. Then they make it VERY difficult to reach a human being to deal with the issue. They kept telling me I could not cancel unless I had my son's gamer USER ID and password which I did not have. They purportedly could not look up his account via my AMEX card # but sure could match it up to extract their monthly charges. I got so infuriated with them, that after escalating to a supervisor with no success, I finally called AMEX and blocked them from future charges. Someone with an opportunistic law firm is going to launch a class action suit against MS and almost certainly win hundreds of millions in damages -- most of that money of course will go to that law firm and the harmed consumers in the class action will probably get vouchers for a free month of X Box as remuneration. DO NOT give your child access to a credit card for any so-called ONE TIME charges. Go buy the pre-paid gift cards and NEVER EVER log a credit card # on file with Microsoft. They are opportunistic thieves!

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