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the michaels here is terrible this lady who work there today was sitting in the middle of the aisle and when I ask for something I don't know where it is it was a 2 hour search for them to tell me that they didn't have it . The people at the check out are always rude and they always ask why I use question and they a are about that and today one bumped into me and just walked away . The lady at the check out today said I shouldn't use a coupon because it wouldn't save me any money but it was a valid 40% off coupon on a regular price item . Then ask acted like it was like it was a big favor to let me keep my own coupon and she was so loud about that the whole line was watching ! It was so embrassing!

Feb 08, 2015
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  • Be
      Feb 20, 2008
    Michaels - use of credit
    United States

    ordered card and received it, only 45.00 of credit available but when I go to use the card, it is declined, made 100.00 payment by mail and then a 75.00 payment by check. still not allowed to use the card, called customer service and they say it is available but when I try to use it, it is declined, what the hell!!!

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  • Bo
      Mar 25, 2008

    you suck. michaels rules!

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  • Ve
      Jan 17, 2016

    Although I agree no one should be treated this way, I have a feeling that I would hear a totally different side of the story from her. I am impressed that they spent 2 hours with you trying to find something when I know for a fact that Michaels is always short handed and retail in general is a fast paced stressful place to work. So that part sounds like pretty good customer service to me. I can't even begin to figure the rest of your complaint out, although I've read it about 6 times trying to. My mom always told me that when you yourself are irritated, sometimes you perceive everyone else as being arrogant, when they may not be. I wasn't there, but perhaps having started out your trip with the associate on the floor and then feeling frustrated from being there so long feeling like you were just waiting and not really being able to help in anyway (which can make a wait seem longer) your checkout experience seemed even worse to you?

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