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I am almost a 10 yr veteran of Michaels. And the Canadian stores are currently changing to SOF {Store of the Future}. And even after being with the company for almost 10 yrs, the company has abolished my job, and is making me reapply for another job, just like I'd never worked there before. They never even bothered to try to offer thier full time long term employees a position in replacement of the positions that they abolished {Which to me is a good indicator that the company doesn't care about it's knowledgeable staff or for the customers who come into the store looking for employee's who know their jobs}.
And even though I have applied for a position at my store, I am being forced to wait and wait in regards to my application. All of the jobs that have posted are suppose to me filled by July 24th. And here it is the 23rd and they still haven't filled any of the positions.
I go from being a full-time employee with 40 hrs a week, down to 19.5 hours. Because I am also a key carrier in the store, and nothing has been done in regards to the position that I have applied for. I will be going into work on the 24th and working the meager 4 hour shift they have given to me. And because I am no longer a full-time employee this disqualifies for being a key carrier in the store, and will be turning in my keys. Even if the store manager has me scheduled on her schedule for a closing shift. I will be sticking to the shifts that SAM has appointed me. As the store manager can get herself into trouble for not sticking to schedule that Sam has appointed. Let's see what they do when they don't have a closing MOD for Sunday. Why should I continue to stick my neck out for this company if this is how they are going to treat me after nearly 10 yrs.
Several phone calls have been made to HR to contact someone and try to get this finished, but to no avail. It has the manager of the store stressed out to the point that she is ill tempered alot of the time, and snapping at employee's. And the assistant manager is down right rude and disrespectful to both staff and customers as she is so stressed from the situation as well.
Never mind the stress that it is causing me. I don't have the luxury of being able to go from a full-time position to a part-time position. As well as the fact the this will also affect my medical benefits of which my family depends on, as my husband does not have coverage through his company. But obviously the company doesn't care about it's employee's, they only care about the money they are making!!
I feel it is very disrespectful, immature, disconcerning, selfish, irresponsible, and disheartening for a company to treat it's staff like this. As it will also have a negative impact on the store itself, as well as on the customers.
The company is suppose to pride itself on how close it works with it's employee's and how well they listen to concerns and such of the employees. Well this doesn't exactly fit the bill now does it...
I feel that I am going to have to make a choice in the very nearest future here about my employmjent with them, if this is any indication of how the new "STORES OF THE FUTURE" are going to be conducting themselves, could this be a indicater of how they are going to be treating employees in Stores of the Future.

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  • So
      Jul 25, 2011

    I find two things interesting about your post:
    1. I could have posted exactly the same thing for my store in upstate New York;
    2. Your job predicament is also being faced by 'experienced' department managers here in the US. The young department managers were told very quickly they would be incorporated into the new Store-of-the-Future teams. Managers in the 50's+ were placed on hold just as you were, then offered part-time associate jobs with significant (20%) pay cuts at the last minute.

    Is SOF a scheme for dis-enfranchising older female workers? Hard to know without more information throughout both countries.

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  • Le
      Aug 06, 2011

    Unfortunatley, I did try to apply for 3 other positions. And was told I wasn't a good fit. Jesus, I'm the most knowledgeable person in the store. I knew more about stuff out on the floor than the damn store manager.


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  • Dr
      Feb 28, 2012

    I think that the are trying to get rid of the older workers it is happening to me too

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  • Sorry to hear about all that. I started working for Michaels in Red Deer this Christmas as a part time associate. Usually I work on the sales floor and as a cashier. Last month they were having a custom framing staff shortage so my manager decided to train me in has stopped at allowing me to take orders. I have seen such a staff turnover including the one lady who'd worked for 15 years she left to start her own business. We never have enough staff to do a good job and get things done. We have no manager in the frame shop, only a couple experienced framers, and now a new customer experience manager who doesn't know a lot yet. Combine that with the shelves falling apart, carts squeaking, and customers complaining about small problems turning into mountainous ones because of mishandling it is not very becoming of the store and the company.
    Loyalty to employees and promoting from within is so important to internal rapport, so why they don't do this is beyond my comprehension unless they are worried about the amount of training they have to invest...which in our store is virtually none.
    Sorry to hear about your situation, and hopefully you have got something figured out.

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  •   Jun 09, 2012

    Obviously they want to get rid of the older workers for several reasons including the fact that older workers demand more and are less likely to be shaped into the employee they are looking for. Honestly, working at Michael's requires little if any education and experience, and the same job can be done by someone who is 17 for a lot less money. Michael's is not the type of place you look for full-time work as most positions do not require much education or skills that can't be learned during their training. Unless you are upper management then expect to do shift-work for close to minimum wage. In my opinion, that's the way it should be. Maybe you need to upgrade your skills and look for work elsewhere.

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