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MGM leadership, good day to you.

Nothing is worst than be treated embarrassingly and rudely by your security guards while taking an important call, especially that what drove this embarrassing and bad experience is the lack of MGM's attention to proper signage and/or isolation or closure of areas where there is intent to keep the public out of.

I had innocently walked through an open unsecured and unmarked area to take an important call. Caused no damage or destruction to the property. A security officer approached me until he was inches away then began screaming and shouting for me to leave. I said, I needed a quiet area and some privacy to take this call while my hand covering the phone. The guard had no patience, rudely speaking into my face and points to the exit doors saying "you have no privacy here.. outside is where your privacy is" and continue with no regard to follow me with his loud words to leave, while trying to cover the phone as much as possible. What an embarrassing scenario, and what a rude response to a loyal guest.

I will refrain from visiting your establishment going forward.

I hope this complaint makes it to the appropriate people who are able to make changes, train staff, and promote a better image to MGM. Tonight, you had shown your lack of hospitality. I regret spending my money in your casino.

Louai Qaqish
Cell: [protected]

Jul 28, 2018

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