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Hostelworld reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 3, 2007. The latest review Refund issue was posted on Jan 4, 2021. The latest complaint no confirmation for bookings was resolved on Nov 07, 2013. Hostelworld has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 50 reviews. Hostelworld has resolved 5 complaints.

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Hostelworld Complaints & Reviews

Jan 04, 2021

Hostelworld — Refund issue

Hi, It was a worst experience we went through lot of trouble by booking in this property, I have booked for...

HostelworldRefund or lack of

I had a trip booked for june 2020, this was a 24 hour notice refundable booking. Due to Covid the trip was cancelled, i have been chasing my refundable deposit ever since and Hostelworld are refusing to return my money until April 2021 this is not acceptable, who do i need to complain to about this company as far as im converned they are stealing my money! they just ignore emails or if they do respond im told to be patient.

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    Hostelworldextra fees

    the Hostelworld website charges a commission to take your reservation - you pay them and then they pass your credit card details to the hotel, who then charges you for the full reservation price which is more than what they charge without Hostelworld. this price is NOT made evident when you pay for what you think is a deposit on your reservation - when i made my booking, Hostelworld showed me a "DEPOSIT FEE" (to
    me this means a deposit on my reservation price not an additional commission fee) then I was charged by the hotel for the full reservation at a higher rate. this is not fair practice as I am stuck paying without even checking in and THERE WAS NO INDICATION OF NIGHTLY RATE - this is a scammy way to trap people. Hostelworld is great for searching a hotel, MAKE SURE TO CONTACT THE HOTEL DIRECTLY AND DO NOT USE THIS SCAMMY WEBSITE TO MAKE ANY RESERVATIONS

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      Nov 19, 2019

      Hostelworld — booking hostel

      I booked a stay at stone hostel in Utrecht for 3 nights from 8th-10th November. I was expected to pay on...

      Hostelworldhostelworld is allowed to get away with open stealing

      I arrived at a hostel in Jerusalem which I payed for the week to stay. I was in a panic to learn that I could not stay their due to an age restriction. The manager struggled to find on the third page toward the bottom of the page an age restriction. I was turned away and was assured the money and the commission would be refunded. Hostelworld true to its name hostel. Refuses to return the commission fee associated to this booking. Forget the fact I was in a foreign country without a place to stay forget the age discrimination. REFUND MY MONEY FOR SERVICES NOT RENDERDED. Hostelworld is pocketing $22.43 based on an unforthright and I indirected business practice. They may well steal my money but they lost a costumer and one costumer know another and another.

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        Hostelworldpayment being taken from my account for a, booking in a hostel in valparaiso chile.

        I booked to stay 5 nights in Jacaranda Hostel Valparaiso, Chile and £269.38 was taken out of my MasterCard account. When I got to the hostel the owner said he had no knowledge of booking, He said the hostel had been closed for a while and that he had not accepted bookings for the hostel for a while.

        If what the owner says is true then I am complaining that Hostelworld are advertising hostels and accepting money for accommodation which is not available,
        I am also complaining about the fact that customers have no easy right of redress to get their money back that is owed to them.

        There is plenty of information about the responsibility of the customer but none about the rights of the customer to have their money reimbursed when no service or facilites have been provided.

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          Hostelworldrefusal of refund of deposit from hostelworld

          I made a reservation for Found Hotel in San Diego for August 30, 2019 arriving at 10 PM, since my flight from Hawaii won't get there until 9:30pm. We needed a short 5-hour stay because our connection to another vacation would start until the next morning.
          I paid a cancelation protection of $2 so I can get my deposit back if I cancel within 48 hours.

          On August 28, 2 days prior, at 2:30pm Hawaii time, I was at a Marina waiting for a boat for a dolphin cruise. We decided to cancel the reservation and since I was not anywhere near my laptop, I called Found Hotel directly to cancel. I did receive a cancelation email later on that day. REMEMBER THIS IS OUTSIDE OF the 48 HOURS since my arrival wasn't going to be until 10 PM on August 30th !!!

          When we returned from our cruise that evening, I immediately went on Hostelworld and CANCELED AGAIN, just to be sure. This was around 9:30-10pm my time in HAWAII.

          What was strange about this was that the website STILL SHOWED a reservation AND at the same time SHOWED a cancelation. Don't know why the system was like this. But there it was, still SHOWING A RESERVATION AFTER I CANCELED IT.

          I also reached out to Hostelworld via email to request for my DEPOST BACK. When I did this, I forwarded the CANCELLATION EMAIL FROM THE HOTEL AS PROOF THAT I CANCELED PIROR TO 48 HOURS OF ARRIVAL.

          Well, several emails went back and forth, they inisted that I did not cancel BECAUSE their stupid website still showed a reservation. They did not bother checking that under CANCELATION, it ALSO SHOWED A CANCELATION !!! Really stupid website.

          At any rate, they refused to refund my money even though I had canceled MORE than 48 hours prior to my arrival time. Not only that several emails back and forth showed how little they actually investigated the matter. Even at one email, they TOLD ME TO CaNCEL with the hotel, when I already DID (by forwarding the cancelation email from the hotel to them INITIALLY).

          It has been tiring to work with these VERY STUPID people, failing to READ the entire emails accordingly. They keep telling me things that either IS FALSE or REFUSING to acknowledge their part in this, and now REFUSING TO REFUND ME.

          I never used them before this and I will NEVER use them again! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PEOPLE HORRIBLE ORGANIZATION who steals other people MONEY!! I should have listened to my daughter and NOT go through reservation with Hostelworld.

          SIMPLY the WORST and INCOMPETENT people, WORST organization EVER! Please make reseravation directly with hotel or hostels...Do NOT go through them!!

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            Apr 03, 2019

            Hostelworld — hostelworld unjustly kept my deposit money

            I started booking through Hostelworld many, many years ago. In the early 2000s the site was an excellent...

            Hostelworldbooking and refund

            I booked a hostel in Hong Kong through hostelworld. They took the deposit and the hostel took the full price of the booking (it was not made clear that this would happen at the time). I cancelled the booking on the next day. Whilst I have received a refund from hostelworld the £70 that was charged to my account from the hostel - that I at no point gave consent for them to share my details with - has not yet been refunded. It has been 20 days since the cancellation and I have contacted the hostel itself on 3 separate occasions and have received no response. Nor have I received any word from hostelworld customer service as to how this is being resolved. Each time my reply to an email is picked up it is by a different person who just asks me to contact the hostel again. This is despite 14 emails back and forth with hostelworld's customer service. As this is a hostel that hostelworld not only endorses but allows to take money from their customers they need to rectify this.

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              Hostelworld Complaint — nomad cardiff hostel

              I have had an appalling experience with this hostel. After staying 2 nights with a lumpy mattress with a dip...

              Hostelworldhotel cancelled and kept my money!

              I have had my worst customer service experience booking with https://www.facebook.com/Hostelworld/.
              Due to a change of flight, I was in touch with the hotel to move my night to another one. The hotel agreed but wanted me to charge for the 2 nights. We couldn't find an agreement and I was not very happy with it, but eventually agreed that I would still come on the scheduled night.
              The next day the hotel cancelled my night (THEY did) because they "didn't like my attitude and I said I could leave a bad review" (!!!). They took my money and forbid me to come to their place. Unbelievable.
              Since Hostelworld is not defending me nor giving me money back despite having booked through their service. They never answer my documented complain correctly, take weeks to get back to me, and say that I had to deal with their hotel despite booking through their service.
              This hotel stole my money and didn't give me the room and hostelworld is not protecting me as their client. Now going viral with my story - shame on your Hostelworld, this is an absolute shameful way to treat your clients.

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                Hostelworld — plus hostel florence

                Hi, my name is Hannah Daghighi and I have come across bed bugs in our room on the 18th of August 2017 in Plu...


                Hostelworld — Hostel offered on website

                To whom it may concern, I recently stayed at a hostel in Venice that is offered on your website. I feel it...


                Hostelworld — inaccurate hostelworld information - request full refund

                I want to file an official complaint and also request full refund for my stay due to false information on the...

                Hostelworldbooking of hostel - wrong location because of confusing description

                Reference Number: 84071-[protected]


                We made a booking in Casa Elemento in Minca for tonight (now 9 pm in Minca). We wanted to go there and had to find out that Casa Elemento according to google maps is not the Casa Elemento we booked. The one we booked is 1 hour away from real Minca city and we cannot even find it on google maps (also not under Finca Bella Vista). We had to find another hostel now and ask for a refund for the original booking of the hostel that is one hour away from here.

                Enclosed pls find the screenshot showing what you find when you look for Casa Elemento:

                booking of hostel - wrong location because of confusing description

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                  Hostelworld — locals hostel &, suites lisbon

                  I, my name is Medhi Bouchtaoui and id like to be contacted asap regarding the booking ref...

                  Hostelworldmanyatta backpackers nairobi, kenya

                  In their accommodation description, they say they provide lockers. This is not true and they know about it. I asked the receptionist and she looked at the "potentially available" locked lockers and she first lied saying they are from other guests. The hostel was empty, only 2 guests including me. Once I told this to her, she laughed and say maybe this will be fixed soon. I told her to inform you guys to update this info and she laughed again. I also confirmed with some other travellers Who stayed a week ago that they did not get this service as well.

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                    Hostelworldworld hostel istanbul

                    Hello I booked this hostel through you guys and they charged me $169 euros when they were suppose to charge me $70 euros on entry. I organised a refund and they said they transfered the money but they didn't and are now not replying to me now. Would it be possible for you guys to sort this out because I'm now in another country and they are no longer speaking to me

                    world hostel istanbul
                    world hostel istanbul
                    world hostel istanbul

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                      Hostelworldcustomer service

                      Hostelworld have THE RUDEST customer service team I've ever encountered! After speaking with a woman named Melanie, I am absolutely appauled at the service I have just gotten. The woman basically laughed at me and called me a liar over the phone. Coincidentally, they don't have a manager today or tomorrow that I can speak with. I am very disappointed and I will not book through them again. Word of advice - anyone wanting to book a hostel, just look on their website, find the hostel and ring them directly - Hostelworld keep the deposit. You'll save a lot of money and not deal with childish individuals if something does go wrong.

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                        Hostelworldlub d bangkok silom

                        I had seen great reviews and so booked to stay 3 nights from 13th-16th May. On the first night I found bed bugs in my bed late in the night. I informed the front desk straight away around midnight and She told me to move to the top bunk - which after about 20 mins I realised also had bugs. I complained again and was moved to another room around 2am. I told her I felt so umcomfortable and couldn't sleep and wanted to move hostels and she said I could check out the next day. That next day I spoke to the day staff and the supervisor, I even showed them the pictures and videos and wasn't given a refund nor any form of compensation which I think is so disappointing! I really wanted to stay here and was excited given the reputation. The decision to move wasn't because I didn't like it but I physically could not sleep out of worry, anxiety, and a concern for the cleanliness and my belongings - even though the new room was clean - bed bugs are easily spread - especially in communal and public domains like hostels. I even then re looked at the hostel world reviews and found another backpacker had the same issue with bedbugs so this isn't the first time. I've been travelling for a long time and completely understand the issues that can arise from so many backpackers in one place, and I'm very considerate but I feel my complaint wasn't taken seriously and I was made to feel like I was silly, I'm appalled with the customer service I received and lack of remorse. I'm hoping to get partial refund at the very least.

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