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Metro PCS / they won't fix my phone that they broke

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I had lost my charger so I went to a metro pcs store to buy a new one. I handed my WORKING phone to a rep behind the counter. She went into a back room for several minutes, came back out with my phone, which now had a blinking red light and a frozen metro pcs screen. I asked her if that was normal and she said yes so I bought the charger and went home. I plugged the charger in and tried to power it up... nothing happened. Charged it for an hour and tried to power it up..still..the frozen screen. I went back to the store to complain and return the charger. The same rep took my phone went into the back room again and then came out and said it had water damage!! (It was working fine an hour and half ago when I walked into the store!!) I said that's ridiculous and asked her how she knew. Apparently, there's an indicator behind the battery that I've never even paid attention but it "proved" it had water damage. Impossible! I've never even dropped it in water. I asked for the supervisor. He was just as much an idiot as the rep so I asked for the higher up. He gave me the number of their regional manager. She said if I pay a discounted insurance fee of $85, I could get a new phone. I wasn't about to pay anything because THEY broke my phone so I told her that was unacceptable. She then referred me back to the store manager this time. I made the mistake of coming in before the store manager got in and saw the same supervisor. I was told the manager wouldn't be in for 2hrs. 2hrs later I come back and he had been briefed by the supervisor and already had a biased view of the situation. I tell him what's going on, he goes into the "back room" comes back out and says well not only does it have water damage but it also has physical damage (true a few scratches). BUT he said even the hinge was coming undone and started to pull on a piece that had ALWAYS been intact until then!! I told him "that was NOT like that before". "Oh, so now you're accusing me of going back there and breaking your phone?" (Uh... yeah!) "My supervisor had already told me about the damage to the phone (What is this?? A conspiracy against customers??) and because it's damaged you have no warranty." Needless to say, I didn't get any resolution from this ### except a name and number of a repair guy I should go see. I think I'd rather take my chances with a new network.

DON'T ever sign up with metro pcs! Their a shady company and will NEVER let the customer win. They'll come up with any excuse they can to prevent that. The small amount of money you save on their monthly plans won't make up for all the different ways they try to screw you. And what kind of businesses have a "back room" anyways? Only those who have something to hide. If you walk into any other wireless store, everything's done in an open environment. Don't switch to MetroPCS!!!

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  • Ed
      29th of Nov, 2007
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    Sound to me like you might have tried to pull one over on the company. From your complaint I am to believe that they took the phone in the back to physically damage it and dip it in water then blame it on you. Sounds pretty absurd and makes absolutely no sense at all.

    Your ridiculous complaint has encouraged me to go ahead and give them a shot. Thanks!

  • Er
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    Metro Pcs does try to screw you in any way they can, it's almost like they were trained to give poor service cause we don't pay that much anyways. That is not the answer. They made it this cheap to get allot of business well if you want to keep the business you need to keep the customers happy, not misserable.....UGH I hate Metro!!!!

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