Metro PCS / can't get a paper bill or internet & my text msgs come back to back

Atlanta, GA, United States

OK, so I got a METRO PCS phone in June. I got the $50 plan which includes unlimited calls, text and internet.

The sad part about this is that I can't get internet and if someone texts me, I continue to get "that" particular message every 3 mins (not exaggerating) until someone else texts me.

I've complained so much that they actually gave me to months of free service but have yet to fix the problem. I've called in twice a week, went into the store once a month to get the problem rectified but they can't seem to fix the issue.

Here's why I'm super frustrated: Not only does MPCS have absolutely NO customer service, they don't event notate your account. I've been transferred up to technical support once a month since July and there is no record to support my issue. This is the worst portion of it all. Tonight 10/7/09, I called to speak with someone regarding these same issues and he said, "If you're having so many problems, why don't you just buy a new phone?" My reply, "It is supposed to be your job to be empathetic and genuinely fix the problem or replace my phone." He then said, "You can wait a lifetime on that one ma'am. Is there anything else I can do to assist you?"

I thought calls were monitored? If that's the case and managers are listening, then you can only imagine what they'll say next.

Just glad that I got Google Voice. So long Metro Piss-poor Customer Service.

Metro PCS

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