Mercedes Benz Bryanston / Extremely Bad Service

South Africa
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We intended to purchase a ML350 from the above dealer based on an advert the dealer placed in the Autotrader. Once all paperwork was finalized it was arranged the dealership would deliver the vehicle to us no later than Tuesday 20 March 2012. The vehicle was intended as a gift with various arrangement with the dealership to make sure the delivery did not occur after Tuesday 20th March. Only to be informed at 15:00 that no driver was available to deliver, we were told we can collect it however. Arriving for collection a MORNE communicated to us that we still cannot take delivery as they don't accept delivery / release notes from ABSA (Barclays) Bank where the vehicle would be financed through. They needed their bank namely Nedbank first to vet the document. Needless to say no delivery took place Tuesday and all the effort for arranging the suprize for thus gift car was nipped in the bud by this MORNE. He stood by his story even after senior officials of ABSA bank contacted him & emailed him to enquire why he doesn't accept the industry norm and official paper work from South Africa's largest bank. Absolutely crazy!


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