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Recently I had made a report on Unsafe Products in reagrds to Melaleuca ingrediants. At that time I was not aware of the fact that I needed a log-in to update any of my comments. I have seen that one person has made a rebuttal in the favor of this company stating that the products have been good for their family and has improved their way of life and overall health.

First of all, there would have to be documentation from a health care provider that proves that the products bought were actually responsaile for any health improvements. Second of all, anyone beliving in any of this nonsence has simply not done thier homework! All I have to say is that I have found documentation on Melaleuca posioning and causing allergic reactions! These sales people and consumers should really check out all the facts first!


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      Jul 05, 2009

    Use of the melalueca oil cleared up my mother's toe infection and use of the toothpaste improved her gum health. That's witnessed. Poisons? Where's the proof?

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  •   Aug 13, 2009

    Coming up on 40 days now and still no answer to the question "Where's the proof". Very telling.

    I'm all for a place to post comlaints, but I'm also all for making sure people can verify what they claim. Its a credibility issue really.

    I too have had many Melaleuca products help myself and my family.

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      Oct 06, 2009

    I had serious seasonal allergies that would result in sinus infections about 4 times a year. I had gone through Claritin, Claritin D, and Allegra. I was on Allegra D and it was losing it's effectiveness in treating my symtoms when I changed to using Melaleuca products. I only take Sudafed periodically and I haven't had a sinus infection since 2006. Also, my daughter no longer has to use a prescription cream that she used for severely dry skin—the lotion from Melaleuca (Renew) cleared it up. You may not consider this proof but I do.

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      Nov 06, 2009

    After eleven years of using the Melaleuca products, and having everyone I care about using the products, our results are great! And an extra benefit--the products cost less than I was using before. I use nothing else in my inn. Getting toxic chemicals out of our lives has been a big "plus", and the products work. You don't have to have "documentation" to know your laundry is clean, your septic system never has to be worked on due to lack of chemicals going in (used to have the line cleaned quite often), your expensive linens last longer, and people with allergies often comment that they haven't had the problems while here that they usually have. Melaleuca has lots of science behind their things---lots of patents, which require SCIENCE. I recommend the products to everyone. You'd be silly to keep using toxics that cost more.

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      Jan 11, 2010

    I think this complaint is all a bunch of crap. For those of you who have actually taken the time to read this far into this website please notice that most of these are just copied and reprinted several times under several different email addresses. They may be slightly changed but this is just someone who is vicious and has nothing better to do than to try to influence a stranger with their twisted stories.

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      Jan 30, 2010

    Hi Melaleuca is a good Business to have my business has been good it you have any question about the company. go to my site and email me ...

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  •   Mar 09, 2010

    This is say you have found documentation of these facts that you have listed. First of all let me ask ... DID YOU HAVE AN ALLERGIC REACTION TO ANY OF THE PRODUCTS? Why is it that people want to complain about what they've heard instead of what they have experienced? I have a friend that joined our team only to find out she was allergic to some of the products, I suggested she send them back and drop out ... she sent the products back for a refund but continues to use the other products and has remained a loyal customer. GET THE FACTS before you send out your complaints

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      Jan 12, 2011

    I LOVE Melaleuca. I have been with them since Sept 2009. My boys skin is better due to the Renew (cheaper and not greasy like Eucerin) and they have almost no issues with their asthma anymore. Whoever said it is a get rich quick thing was lying. You have to work your business to get anywhere. It can be very profitable if you put forth the effort. Everything has a 100% money back gaurentee. I have returned items just because I don't like the color or scent and get a credit for the full price. There is a min order required every month, which I explain to everyone multiple times. I am sorry if you were misled by someone. You should really try all the products. They will save you money in the long run.

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      Mar 26, 2013

    Ok I am having allergic reaction to Renew cream. Very sad because this is the first time I apply and the exzema is almost gone but as soon as I toutch my mouth or I clean my nose and my hand that I creamed not long ago is in contact with ma face I start having problem breathing and inside my mouth it is swelling. I washed carefully my hands and arms but the cream stays so I really have a problem. I am allergic to aloes but this is not an ingredient of Renew. I am wondering to what I am allergic in that Renew cream ! I am not saing it is toxic but ths is a fact if I am allergic, other peoples are .

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      Aug 21, 2015

    Unfortunately, my child is also having allergic reactions to Melaleuca Renew lotion. We were very optimistic about this cream because we know first hand of another kid with terrible eczema (and I mean horribly terrible) for whom nothing worked and bingo, Renew did the trick. I know each person has different allergies, which means different cures. Apparently, what cures one person can result in allergies for another. Think Benadryl!
    So, would I rule our Renew as a great product for eczema? NO! Would I reuse it for my child? Capital N-O.
    It just did not work for us.

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      Sep 18, 2017

    I'm new to melaleuca and I thought how amazing to be apart of this great company. Natural products and very convenient.
    However, after my first shipment I started using the facial moisturizer by melaleuca. It was nice at first, The tingling feeling when I wash my face. On the second day, my face started itching, then with hives and dryness and was so uncomfortable. I didn't want to scratch but as it's my face! But honestly, I'm so not happy and out of by how ppl can claim it's an awesome product when there's allergic reaction to them.
    I'm ready to cancel my membership and never look back.
    Melaleuca is not the company for me and I would never refer my friends to them. Just an awful experience!

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